Survivor Profile

Survivor Profile

When you tame or kill a new creature, you will get a pop up in which you can see the creature’s dossier. These dossiers are saved in your Survivor Profile that you can access from the in-game menu (Esc on PC). In this survivor profile you can see all creatures that you have tamed / killed and view the corresponding dossiers by clicking on them.

Since it can be difficult to find out which creatures you are still missing, we will provide you with the info and images to make it a lot easier. First of all you can find a table that explains which creatures you need to kill, tame or need special actions. A little further you will find an image of the completed Survivor Profile that you can use to check for the ones you are still missing.

What is it used for

Besides for showing you the creatures’ dossiers, there are also some other things that the survivor profile is used for. On PC for example, you will get the Veteran Paleontologist achievement when you have found all dossiers. In the Xbox version, you will receive the Bionic Rex skin (and the Survivor’s trophy and Survivor’s hat), so what are you waiting for? Go get those last couple of dossiers and enjoy the skin or steam achievement!

Table Overview

Below you’ll find the dossiers in a table for easy checking (updated up to patch v242). If you want to see the actual dossiers, you can find an image a little further down the article. Some additional information to keep in mind when looking at the table:

  • Names with no additional markup are creatures that you need to tame in order to get the dossier. You can find out the requirements of each of the tames by using our taming calculator. If you only want a specific creature for the dossier, it is advised to try a low level one as it will massively bring down the time it will take to tame. Make sure that you are near when the tame actually finishes. If you are too far away, the creature will be tamed by you, but you wont get the dossier and have to tame one again!
  • Names in bold mean that you need to kill the creature in order to get the dossier. If you don’t get the dossier when killing the creature, make sure that you kill it yourself and not one of your dinos.
  • Names in italic are special cases, currently these are the following:
    • DodoRex: You will need to “tame” the DodoRex, but this is only possible when you spawn it during an event (the way in which you do this depends on the event). When the DodoRex is spawned, you can “tame” it by moving close until you see a button to claim it. After claiming it will be considered a tame and you will get the DodoRex dossier.
    • You used to get the dossier for the bat (Onyc) and spider (Araneo) by killing it, but since patch v220 they can also be tamed.
  • Xbox users: Since the Xbox patches are a little behind those of the PC, and the events are not yet released there, it can happen that not all of the creatures portrayed are available in your game.
The survivor profile is also included in the Survive ARK Companion app! You can download it on Google Play here (Android), or get it from the App Store here (iOS)!
Survivor Profile - v239
DodoDodoCoelacanthCoelacanthSabertooth SalmonSabertooth SalmonLeechLeechDilophosaurusDilophosaurus
DiplodocusDiplodocusMammothWoolly MammothDire WolfDire WolfKairukuKairukuParaceratheriumParaceratherium
Dung BeetleDung BeetleSabertoothSabertoothTerror BirdTerror BirdDirebearDirebearSarcosuchusSarcosuchus
MantaMantaWoolly_RhinoWoolly RhinocerosRexTyranosaurus RexCarbonemysCarbonemysSpinosaurSpinosaurus
QuetzalcoatlusQuetzalcoatlusGiganotosaurusGiganotosaurusBroodmotherBroodmother LysrixArthroplueraMegapithecusArthroplueraDragon

Dossier overview

As of patch v231, the dossier is as follows (the table above is updated up to v242):



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      Yes it does. The profile is saved to your account, independent of the server.

    1. Author

      You’re right about the image, however the table is up to date with the latest patch (v236, includes the Castoroides).

  1. so are Castoroides in the xbox one version?

  2. The DireWolf link doesn’t work and where is the Dunky.

    1. Author

      The links have been updated to point to the appropriate dossiers. The Dunkleosteus is in the list, however I haven’t had time to extract its icon from the game files yet.

  3. Is the dodorex in the Xbox one version

  4. hey landdragon i went on here to check what dinos where missing and i cant seem to find them in the correct order i do not know why :/

  5. like look after the ptera theres a megalodon but then mammoth on ark right now theres still a spot open is it the woolly rhino?

    1. Author

      Between the Megalodon and the Mammoth there is the Gallimimus that you might be missing. The woolly rhino is after the manta in the survivor profile.

  6. Why can’t I put rex bone helmets on my gigantopithicus, mesopithicus, and dimorphodons for the Xbox 1 version even though people can do it on the PC version

  7. What dossier comes after the megapithacus I have been looking for five hours on the Internet 3 hours on ark and 8 hours on YouTube plz tell me

  8. Why on my dossier there’s one space for the Dodorex even tho it’s not on this is the only one stopping me completing it

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