Bionic Rex skin on Xbox One

Bionic Rex skin on Xbox One

ark-bionic-rex-skinMany of you have heard about the awesome-looking bionic rex skin that is only available for Xbox one players of ARK: Survival Evolved. The skin is not given upon buying the game, like the Parasaur founding father skin on PC. Instead, you need to earn the skin by playing the game. Currently the exact way in which you can earn it is unknown (Update: Not anymore, scroll down to the “How to get the skin yourself” section to see how you can obtain it!) , and therefore Wildcard had created a contest. The contest was about the first person to get the skin on an official PvP server on Xbox and tweet about it. The price you could win? 200 dollars!

On the 30th of December, just two weeks after the game was released on Xbox, a tweet with a screenshot of the bionic rex skin was send to Wildcard. This meant the end of the contest, but not of the secret surrounding the way in which the skin can be retrieved. The person that won the contest is currently not telling the way in which he (or his tribe) got the skin, so people are still looking into the actual requirements. The devs have stated that you “need to collect things” and that it “is hidden dark and deep“. Another hint we were able to find was that it appeared to be “obvious”.

How to get the skin yourself?

Currently, we do not know the exact requirements for the skin. However, there are some ways that people expect to give you the skin:
You can get the Bionic Rex skin yourself in the following way:

  • Collect all dossiers– it seems that you need to collect all dossiers on xbox one to get the Bionic rex skin. This means that you need to tame all the creatures that are tameable, and kill the ones that are not (kill them yourself to get the dossier, so not with your dinos). In order to find out which dossiers you still need, and the way to get them, you can check out our post on the Survivor Profile.
    When you’ve got all the dossiers, you will get the Bionic Rex skin (together with a Survivor’s Trophy and Survivor’s Hat from the Broodmother). A little fun fact: when you die and respawn, you will receive another Bionic Rex skin. This means you can get multiple skins by respawning and saving them in a storage box or on your dinos.
    A bit of advice: if you still need to tame some creautures to get the dossiers, but you don’t have any use for them, go for low level ones. You can use our taming calculator to guide you in the amount of resources and time you will need.
  • Kill the Broodmother – This is by far the most popular speculated way in which you can get the skin. The idea is that you will have to get all the artifacts, spawn the Broodmother and will receive the skin upon killing her. This sounds as a plausible way, since it took 14 days to get the first bionic rex skin. However, since the way to obtain the skin was “obvious” and not hard, according to the tweet, don’t put 100% on killing the Broodmother for the skin.Multiple people report that they did not get the skin after killing the Broodmother, so it seems this is not the way to get it.
  • Collect items – There is also the possibility that you need to collect certain items or combine them someone. The devs have stated that you “need to collect things” and that it “is hidden dark and deep“. If anyone has any insights in the items that need to be collected, or where you need to put them, we’re happy to hear about it.
  • Red supply drops – Another way to possibly get the skin would be supply drops. The idea behind it is that the red drops (which can be opened at level 60+) can contain the skin. This applies for both the supply drops in caves as those on the Island.
  • Killing Rexes – Some people also say that it will be just like the Rex helmet skin: kill a rex and you will have a small chance to obtain it. We don’t really think this is the way to get the skin, but since it might be a very slim chance it is very difficult to stop considering this as an option.
  • Killing alpha Rexes – There are claims that alpha rexes will drop the skin with a very slim chance, so keep an eye out for them and go on a killing spree to know for sure.

In case you have any other possible ways to get the skin, please let us know and we will add them to the list. If you have tried one of the stated ways in which you could possibly get the skin, but it didn’t gave you one, we are happy to hear about it so we can remove it from the list. That way people will not be wrongly informed and can focus on other ways to get it. Together we will be able to find out how to obtain it so everyone can enjoy the skin.

In case you have actually found the Bionic Rex skin yourself (even if it is on PvE or an unoffical server), we would gladly know how you obtained it! You can contact us by leaving a comment beneath this post, or by using the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since there have been multiple questions about the Bionic Rex skin, we will list the most frequent ones

How do I get the Bionic Rex skin?

We’ve stated the procedure above, but in short it is getting all the dossiers in your survivor profile.

Can I trade the Bionic Rex skin?

Yes, this is possible. However it might not work directly (e.g. dropping the skin itself). Instead, you could apply it to a saddle and then drop the saddle with the skin applied.

Will I lose the skin when I change servers?

No, the skin is registered on your account. This means that no matter where you go, even if it is another server or unofficial server, the game will recognize it is you and give you the skin, trophy and hat upon spawning.

Can I get the skin on single player and use it on official servers?

This is actually possible do to. So you could go around your single player game with increased tame rates and kill / tame everything you need to complete your survivor profile and get the skin. If you then go to an official, or unoffical, server, you will receive the skin again upon spawning.

Can I get multiple skins?

Yes, every time you respawn you will receive a new one. So if you have multiple rexes, you can apply the skin to one, respawn, and get another one for one of the other rexes.

Does the order of the dossiers matter?

No. As long as you have completed all dossiers in the end, you will get the skin. This means that you don’t have to kill the Broodmother as the last creature.

Thanks to everyone that participated in finding out how to get the skin!


  1. Me and my boyfriend killed the broodmother last night, he got the survivors hat etc but no Bionic Rex Skin.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment :). It seems we can cross Broodmother off the list then. Killing rexes / alpha rexes is assumed to be a way to get the skin, so if you got the ability to go after those creatures, it might be useful to do so. If you happen to find the bionic skin in some way, I’m happy to hear about it!

      1. I killed and got every dossier besides the brood mother but I killed it and never got the dossier so please help get it this is my Xbox one gamertag MASTER CHIEF083 There’s one space between chief and master all caps no space between 083 please help me bye

    2. I have tried to kill broodmother on Xbox one on a non dedicated server… and I even changed settings to see if it was possible to kill, I’ve had no luck. Has anyone killed it? If you have can you please help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated my gamertag is xXApollo365Xx thank you

  2. Ive killed 4 or 5 alpha rexes and never got anything, but I’ve had it hinted at me and so jas a few of my friends by admins of servers that have them that you have to collect certain items

    1. Author

      I’ll add it to the list of possibilities, thanks for your reponse!

  3. As Tyler said about collecting items, a couple of admins, one being Casanova hints *collect things* another says *Deep and Dark*, and the winner of the contest says it was *obvious*. What can be so obvious? Me and Tyler has tried countless methods, but he has a good idea of putting a rex egg in a machine and see what’ll go from there <—- I still plan to try this method despite the hints.

    1. “Deep and Dark” – Angler Gel possibly? Since Anglers are in the deep part of the ocean and they show the blue light.
      “Obvious” – Metal possibly? Because it’s Bionic, it’s made of metal.
      Maybe that could help

      1. We killed a couple of Anglers ourselves but nothing skin-related was obtained, so cross out Angler.

        1. No, not saying kill angler for the skin, look at Tek, it glows blue, the only thing that glows blue in the game is Angler Gel.

          1. Must be a hidden supply crate in the deeps in the games oceans, so chances are wherever the anglers are located then they must be the key to finding the skin to the t-rex

    2. Author

      Sounds like it can be found in a cave then. Isn’t there any hidden passage in one of them that could lead to the skin?

      1. Caves are Artifact based locations, the ones without things in them currently will have Artifacts later.

    3. There is a cave somewhere in the ocean it might be at frankieonpcin1080p has been there in a video you might be able to find the cave based on the video

  4. where would you even make the skin and how much would you need of the gel or metal ?

    1. I am collecting 6,000 Metal Ingots, 2,000 Polymer, 2,000 Electonics, 2,000+ Angler Gel, and I’m going to stuff random amounts into a Fabricator and Smithy and see what happens, and also my Inventory.

  5. What if you collect all the artifacts and put them all on trophy stands next to each other

  6. It would make sense if yu had to collect every dosseir because you have to collect stuff and search deep and dark

    1. Author

      Yeah, it seems that is the actual requirement for getting the skin. If someone could verify it with some screenshots, that would be awesome, but multiple people reported this is the way to go.

      1. This is wrong if you have been watching fusions posts he said his tribe was going for a gigantosaurus next sense they got the bionic rex

        1. Wouldn’t it still be possible that the giganotosaurus was the last dossier they needed? Then they tame it, someone completes having all dossiers and get the skin.

    1. Author

      Thanks, I’ve added the video to the article.

  7. Note: Once you have completed Dossiers you will get the Bionic Rex “Tek” Skin, Survivor Trophy, and Survivor’s Hat Skin. And every time you die you will get another copy of each.

    1. didnt work for me had the skin died now i cant get the skin for some dumb reason

  8. Your welcome. And I am sure Raheem doesn’t mind his video being linked but at least give him some credit

    1. Author

      A link has been added to his YouTube profile

  9. Hello, if I move to an another server I will have the skin in the inventory of my new player ?
    Because profile survivor is the same in solo, non dedicated And official ? Or the skin is just for the server who we complete the last dossier ? Thx to answer

    1. Author

      The skin should be independent of server, but I’m not 100% sure about this. As long as you’ve completed all the dossiers, you should get the skin on every respawn which would mean that you will also get it if you spawn on a new server.

  10. Can anyone invite me to a game to tame the dinos I need please. GT is AwesomeSlayer99

  11. i got the skin on my single player but when i spawned in on a primitive pvp server it didnt show up

    1. i have tried respawining to get multiple skins and it doesnt work i got the skin on my single player died then respawned and there was no bionic rex skin in my inventory when i respawned

  12. I got the skin and the hat and trophy from doing all of the dossiers, but when I die I don’t get another one, nor when I join my official server. I hope they fix this or something

  13. I can confirm there seems to be a problem at the moment. Upon respawning or changing servers, since the addition of the 3 new dinos to the dossier, even once those are tamed it doesnt register a completed dossier again. So for the time being atleast, no more rex skins. Very dissapointing. This last patch has broken more than it fixed.

  14. Same problem here. Hopefully it is a bug because it is not listed on the changelog

  15. If someone could reply me the full list of Dinos to kill and tame it would be appreciated.

    1. Author

      In the post we link to the survivor profile. There you can find an overview.

  16. It was wierd, a lot of people started joining my server by none of them were in my tribe except for one of them who doesn’t have bionic Rex, then the skin and the trophy magically appeared in my argentavis, has this happens to anyone else?

  17. I killed the broodmother and got all the dossiers, so I got the trophies and Rex skin but my game crashed and closed (on Xbox One). I started the game again and I appeared before summoning the broodmother but with the dossier already, I killed it and just recieved the broodmother trophy, not the other ones and the Bionic Rex skin! How can I fix this or get them again?!?! Help ?T^T

  18. I can’t get the skin on single player bc there are no spiders and bats inside caves and I need to tame them to get it. Any1 knows why there aren’t any animals inside caves?

    1. Wow right after I said that i played single player and went inside a cave and found onycs (bats) and spiders (araneos) inside it

  19. have ya’ll gotten the giga yet.

  20. Can’t complete the dossier cause of the Dodorex can’t spawn it in and kill it

    1. Author

      If you are missing the last entry of the dossier, then that is probably the gorilla boss (megapithecus) that you are missing (and not the dodorex). I’ll add the megapithecus to the survivor profile shortly

  21. Omg the bionic Rex skin is amazing I just finish the doissers I was so happy and exited. My little brother was so annoying about it so I had to let him try it. I have so many animal and right now my brother is test trying all of them. I love the ark survival game.

  22. If you need a bat then summon it all you need to do is pause the game and go to the top y need to type in summon bat-character-bp-c

  23. As far as I am concerned the whole process to get the bionic rex skin requires you to have the complete dossier (tamable and killable) then also kill the broodmother to do this get every single artifact (there are a max of eight), 8 megaladon teeth, 4 rex arms , 4 argentavis talons,2 sauropod vertabra then go to an oblisk and interact with it summon it and kill it after that you shall be rewarded with a surviver trophy surviver hat and bionic costume/skin for your rex note that when you die after completing the dossier you will respawn with another one of each of these 3 items In your inventory great if you have multiple t-rex but after the update you will need to do this with the gorilla and dragon bosses(basically repeat broodmother process get artifacts etc.) But now you have to telaport to an arena to fight them a different arena per boss (dragon, broodmother,gorilla) you can now also activate portals through supply drops around the map not just only oblisks I hope this helps you guys get the rex skin =)

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