With the new devkit update, we are able to show you some more of the upcoming things in ARK! This time 4 new creatures were found, some interesting items such as oil jars and the upcoming fishing pole, but also nests and wolf dens! Be amazed with the incredible work that the devs put in their game and check out the images below: Baryonyx Diplocaulus Hesperornis Tapejara Industrial grinder Oil Jar Fishing Pole Anthill, nest and wolf den Explorer chests updatedRead More →


Another mysterious creature has been announced today. It seems that we’ve another flying coming to the ark, as the image looks like a giant moth. We’re very curious when more information will be released on these mystery dossiers, as more and more seem to be dropping. For those that have missed the other dossiers, we will link them for you below: Mystery Creature 1 Mystery Creature 2 Mystery Creature 3 What do you think the special ability of this new creature will be? And does anyone know of a species it might be based upon? We’d love to hear your thoughts!  Read More →


Common Name: ???? Species: ???? Time: ???? Diet: ???? Temperament: ???? Wild ???? Domesticated ????? Another mysterious creature has been announced today. This time it’s a flyer that looks like a pretty normal vulture. This is the third mystery creature  (1st and 2nd) and from the looks they all fit in a desert biome (but that could be us). Of course it could also be something entirely different; maybe it has to do with ascension or a new boss arena that contains these creature.. who knows?Read More →


Common Name: ???? Species: ???? Time: ???? Diet: ???? Temperament: ???? Wild ???? Domesticated ????? A while back, the first mysterious creature was released. Today, we can add another to the collection. What do you think it is this time and where would it be found on the Island? Is it one of the creatures that will become available with the desert biome in the future (which will probably not be on the Island map), or do we get another boss?Read More →


Now that patch v243 has finally hit our games, there is a lot of new stuff to discover. In this post we will walk you through the most important things and provide you with all the necessary information to enjoy it to the fullest! Titanosaur It seems that the Titanosaur cannot be tamed in a normal fashion. Instead, you’ll have to down it with brute force (real brute force, so cannon balls and ballista bolts to the face). It’s recommended that you bring a team, as it will not be possible to take it down on your own. After you’ve damaged it enough, it willRead More →


While we are still waiting for the new patch to hit (which should be aaaaaaaaaaaany minute now :P), some screenshots have been released on which we can see what is to come. They include the massive Titanosaur and the impressive Redwood treehouses that we will be able to make. Additionally, also a preview of the gas mask is shown and even ruins? Check them out below: Screenshots SpotlightRead More →


Today the people from studio Wildcard have revealed some of the upcoming features that are coming in the (near) future. Although some of these might not be new to you, there was one part that we did not expect: ARK: Primal Survival. This will be a new, official, mod in which you can play as any of the creatures in the ARK! This means that you can live your life as the raptor you’ve always wanted to be and even start your little raptor family! More information on this, and the other stuff that was revealed (including some images) can be found below! ARK: PrimalRead More →