Always wondered how much damage you, or your dinos, actually do? Find out now by using the new ARK: Survival Evolved Damage Calculator. With the damage calculator you are able to input the melee damage of dinos and humans to see how it will increase the damage output. Furthermore, you can select from different weapons to see how they increase your damage and even how much torpor they will add. In case you are missing weapons / dinos / something, please let us know in a comment below. We will update the calculator as soon as we can 🙂Read More →

There is now also an ARK: Survival Evolved engram calculator available on the website, which you can find over here. The engram calculator is updated to include everything up to the latest patch (currently v216.3). If you do manage to find any errors, missing items or know any improvements for the calculator, it is appreciated if you could leave a comment here with the problem/improvement. We hope you enjoy the calculator and we will try our best to keep it updated for all coming patches!Read More →

We’re happy to announce that the ARK: Survival Evolved taming calculator is online! Now you can always go on taming prepared: know beforehand how much narcotics and food you need by simply selected the dino and its level. Everything you need will be calculated for you, including some nice other statistics such as effectiveness and the total amount of levels it will gain. In case you run into any problems with the calculator, find information that is incorrect or have ideas for further improvements: please let us know in a comment below. Happy taming!Read More →