A new devkit release, so a new devkit preview for you guys! This time a lot of new creatures could be found, including some of the ones coming in patch v253. Other than that, a new scissors “weapon” was found in the devkit, and a tek tier “Proxycube”. This post also includes a Phoenix for Scorched Earth, which was already available in the previous devkit release, but we forgot to add it to the post at that time. Please remember that devkit sizes often do not represent the actual size. This is especially the case for the Thylacoleo and Tusoteuthis, as they are both humongous inRead More →


With the ARK: Fear Evolved 2 halloween patch in sight (Current ETA: October 25), we will be seeing our old friend DodoRex again. However, we will also see a new horrific dodo creation: the DodoWyvern. The latest version of the ARK devkit already contains some models for this new creature, which we will show you below. Unfortunately the model isn’t fully colored yet, so we are only able to show you the wings in color. Devkit model Size comparison Although the devkit size does not necessarily represent the size the creature will be when released, it seems to follow the model and size of the regular wyvern. DossierRead More →


It’s been a while, but today a new devkit version was released! We dove into it immediately and found some interesting new stuff. One of the most notable things are the “Endbosses”. It seems that the tek tier will bring more than just items and structures, as the endbosses contain a lot of lights and moving particles. Keep in mind that these might not be the real endbosses but could just be an animation when the spawn in or something; anyway it’s still interesting to see. Furthermore a lot of new creatures were also found, and a tek tier rifle and rex helmet. Enjoy the pictures and letRead More →


With the new devkit update, we are able to show you some more of the upcoming things in ARK! This time 4 new creatures were found, some interesting items such as oil jars and the upcoming fishing pole, but also nests and wolf dens! Be amazed with the incredible work that the devs put in their game and check out the images below: Baryonyx Diplocaulus Hesperornis Tapejara Industrial grinder Oil Jar Fishing Pole Anthill, nest and wolf den Explorer chests updatedRead More →


While we are still waiting for the new patch to hit (which should be aaaaaaaaaaaany minute now :P), some screenshots have been released on which we can see what is to come. They include the massive Titanosaur and the impressive Redwood treehouses that we will be able to make. Additionally, also a preview of the gas mask is shown and even ruins? Check them out below: Screenshots SpotlightRead More →


Today the people from studio Wildcard have revealed some of the upcoming features that are coming in the (near) future. Although some of these might not be new to you, there was one part that we did not expect: ARK: Primal Survival. This will be a new, official, mod in which you can play as any of the creatures in the ARK! This means that you can live your life as the raptor you’ve always wanted to be and even start your little raptor family! More information on this, and the other stuff that was revealed (including some images) can be found below! ARK: PrimalRead More →


With patch v242 coming closer and closer, multiple screenshots have been released of what is to come (and including a spotlight video, which can be found at the bottom). This also includes some screenshots about the upcoming anniversary event! Have a look and enjoy! P.S. A word of advice: it seems that the red leeches contain diseases, so keep an eye out for those and don’t get yourself infected! SpotlightRead More →


A while back, we’ve posted information on the upcoming biome changes (in case you missed it, you can find it here). One of the things that is being introduced, is the Redwood Forest. To give a preview of what is to come, you can look at the picture below. If you ask us, the Redwood Forest will bring a lot more of a ‘prehistoric’ feeling to part of the island, with humongous trees that make even a Rex look small. 3D Markers Another thing that we talked about with the biome changes, are 3d markers to indicate the safe and “move-out-of” locations on the map.Read More →


A while back, some of the explorer notes were released by Wildcard. Even more explorer notes are available in the devkit, which you can find in more detail here. These explorer notes will be scattered across the island for you to find. In addition to the notes, there will also be ruins that show buildings from the past and the mysteries that surround it. Both these things will be added in the patch v242 that is scheduled for May 30! As stated by Jat:  Various historical ruins will be found all across the ARK, we encourage survivors to go on adventures and seek them out as theyRead More →