Redwood biome preview, Boss fight contest and upcoming Xbox One Patch

Redwood biome preview, Boss fight contest and upcoming Xbox One Patch

A while back, we’ve posted information on the upcoming biome changes (in case you missed it, you can find it here). One of the things that is being introduced, is the Redwood Forest. To give a preview of what is to come, you can look at the picture below. If you ask us, the Redwood Forest will bring a lot more of a ‘prehistoric’ feeling to part of the island, with humongous trees that make even a Rex look small.


3D Markers

Another thing that we talked about with the biome changes, are 3d markers to indicate the safe and “move-out-of” locations on the map. These markers will be added soon (aim is this Wednesday) and you can find an example of them in the pictures below (so you’ll know what to look for).



Contest: Boss fight (The Center map)

With the new The Center map also comes a new contest. There is a total of $1000 price money for players on official The Center servers: $500 to the first Xbox tribe and $500 to the first PC tribe that are able to defeat both bosses on an official PVP server! As stated in the rules:

“Screenshot proof of the pause menu in the boss arena including server name, as well as the items received from defeating the bosses must be provided! You can upload your images to our forums, and write a comment down below (in the survivetheark post) with the screenshots. Good luck!”

The post that is referred to can be found here, so be sure to check it out!


Xbox Patch v736

Xbox players have had a little trouble with the latest patches, but a new one is on its way! Patch v736 has been submitted and is currently going through QA/Certification. As soon as more information comes available, we’ll be sure to let you know. The patch is supposed to resolve the save / load issues that people were experiencing and includes some further changes. The full notes, as they are currently known, can be found below:

  • Fixed singleplayer/non-dedi saving on TheCenter (this will not wipe player dedicateds again!)
  • Added Dodo, Kairuku, & Dung Beetle pickup & toss
  • Added Arthropluera Turret AI mode
  • Fixed some out-of-control TheCenter spawners, and added resources to Skull Island on TheCenter. (For the time being recommend that Player Dedis run  ‘cheat destroywilddinos’ command to avoid the out of control spawners)
  • Automatically Fixed Player Dedi saves that could become too large due to out of control spawners
  • Fixed another case of audio clipping
  • Reduced Bola timer on humans by 50%, since humans are dexterous enough to get out of a bola more quickly. Also made Bola take a little Hide to craft.


  1. All I can say is, Its going to be a lot more atmospheric :3

  2. When is the patch supposed to go through

    1. Author

      The aim is to have the biome update ready for patch v242 on May 30th. Patch v736 for xbox was released yesterday 🙂

  3. Is the center map ever gonna get a Redwood biome update?

    1. Author

      I have no idea. We’ll probably get more info on it when it has been released for the island map, as I expect that more people will be asking this question then.

  4. Hello Guys love the game, I just have a problem when it comes to finding an area to build a house. All of the land is being taken up, it’s very frustrating. I spawn in and all I see is pillars for miles, along the coast and in the rainforest. I would like to experience the multiplayer but I can’t are you going to fix this problem or should I call it quits on the Ark?

    1. What are the 3D borders for and who sets them the devs or the server admins or other players?

  5. I hope that you put more work into the xbox edition ?
    My computer ****** itself when i got ark on it

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