Patch Notes Xbox – v732


  1. Can’t wait! Think war paint will ever be on x1? know it would be hard but even if it’s not perfect artists will manage lol. love the game guys.

    1. I would love war paint to, when the update came out, I was disappointed… No terror bird, no grappling hook, no war paint, however I was glad about dung beetles, greenhouse stuff, etc.

  2. Even if it’s like forza painting system with primitive shapes to paste on

  3. Wow this is fantastic made? Lol Good job

  4. Just a heads up for anyone dying to try it; split screen is rather buggy… Both players inventories affect each other, so if a player is crafting it can make it difficult for the other to transfer items between storages. Also… Large-scale interactions easily crash the game. I was crafting cloth hats while my husband gathered berries for narcotics… The game simply couldn’t handle so much going on all at once.

    So… All of this is probably going to be fixed quickly, but it’s a bit difficult to get it to run smoothly. (Admittedly we probably wouldn’t have had such an issue if we weren’t trying to rush me towards my husband’s level range.)

  5. XBOX, im really sick of the wall glitch. Dinos should not be able to poke their head through my solid wall and attack me. Also, quite often, check out on a top floor, and wake up out side my house, in side the floor foundation, or stuck in some glitch. Additionally, my dino’s feet will sink into the stone floor after about 20 min. This makes it hard to see and collect eggs. Besides that, there is another glitch that happens usually after a sprint. It brings you backwards about 20ft from where you started. also happens at random. I almost go thrown off a clifff once.

    1. Me too, however it is pretty funny/stupid when you see a tamed carno stick his head through a wall, “hei mian, just wanted to borrow a cup o sugar”

  6. When will this be released? I am hoping they release it today so we have it by the beginning of the weekend

  7. I host/admin a Player Dedicated Server on Xbox. We noticed that we have he option for “Admin Logging”. Is this the same as console commands for PC, and if so, how do we get these admin codes to work? Thank you for your time.

  8. Warpaint is not available on official servers on the PC. It’s a console command. I suspect this is because some colors currently look like crap. Hopefully it will eventually get a makeover, and be available on official servers on all platforms

  9. I breed a baby white Rex, logged out for a bit and when I logged back in it was the same color as the parents, gray…. And my mammoth has also changed colors from green to green, white and red. Please fix this.

  10. That’s all the bugs I’ve found so far with the new Xbox update.

  11. Were underwater loot drops added into the Xbox version? Want to find out before I spend hours underwater to find out that they aren’t even added in yet

    1. Author

      Yes, those were added. Keep in mind that they are hard to see though and there spawn only a few at a time 🙂

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