Patch Notes Xbox – v737

Patch Notes Xbox – v737

Today, June 14, a new Xbox One patch will hit your games. This patch brings you up to date with the current PC content, meaning that you will get new creatures such as the Diplodocus, the new disease mechanic, baby imprinting and more!

Don’t forget to check out the v242 – What’s new? post to be fully up-to-date with the latest changes. For people that enjoy single player or have their own server, check out the Xbox console commands page which is fully updated with the latest patch!

Full patch notes

v737.0 (Current)

  • Approx +15% client and server performance boost! Major CPU and GPU gains due to increased multithreading.
  • All PC Content up through v242 (Diplodocus, Leech, Dragon Arena, Training Dummy, RPG stat mode, Offline Raiding Prevention Option, Baby Imprinting, Everybody’s Favorite Diseases, Adjustable Follow Ranges, Exploit Fixes, Biome Area Update Markers, etc).
  • All extended PC game options exposed through Host Settings menu (Flyers in Caves, etc etc)
  • Likely fix for Player Dedi Server crashes, but also an auto-backup/restore for Player DediServers to avoid ever totally being locked out of your savedata in the future.
  • Likely fix for certain PlayerDedi’s not appearing in the Sessions List


  1. Awesome will we be able to tame the dragon and actually have it in our world if so that would be amazing

    1. Author

      The dragon will be another boss (like the megapithecus and broodmother) and not be tameable.

      1. Yea i guess tamed bosses would be way too OP

          1. I haven’t gotten it.

      1. OK thanks was hoping they would but its fine just have to rebuild lol

  2. Alpha xp drop by 45% thats a joke. Best way to get levels and a good challenge. Maybe a nefr by 20% or something but not by nearly half jeepers ark devs.

  3. Does the Diplo only take the kibble? It won’t seem to eat anything else.

    1. Author

      It should take both kibble and mejoberry (and vegetables if you chose to knock it out)

  4. The baby cuddlingirl intervals doesn’t seem to change no matter how much I decrease it.

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