Patch Notes Xbox – v733


  1. Any way to get an unstuck button, I have been stuck 2-3 times when coming off a rock cliff and the only way to get out is by death, being that the game things I’m still falling I cant just jump out and waiting to starve take way too long when this happens

    1. Skuff you should make a flyer follow you so you can mount it while stuck. If you forgot you dino you can eat things that you are not supposed to (example: poop, raw meat, spoiled meat, organic polymer) so you can die

  2. How do I get Dino’s back that have dissappeared

  3. Hope there will be more official servers…

  4. Why isnt the update out yet

  5. The last patch was released around 6:30 Central time

  6. IN BRAZIL it was released around 9pm (BRAZIL CLOCK)

  7. Please look into removing around host player boundaries off of non dedicated servers. Thank You!

    1. Author

      I cannot, as I’m not a Wildcard developer ;p However, we will see more mods in the future coming to xbox, so who knows 🙂

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