Patch Notes Xbox – v733


  1. Any way to get an unstuck button, I have been stuck 2-3 times when coming off a rock cliff and the only way to get out is by death, being that the game things I’m still falling I cant just jump out and waiting to starve take way too long when this happens

    1. Skuff you should make a flyer follow you so you can mount it while stuck. If you forgot you dino you can eat things that you are not supposed to (example: poop, raw meat, spoiled meat, organic polymer) so you can die

  2. How do I get Dino’s back that have dissappeared

  3. Hope there will be more official servers…

  4. Why isnt the update out yet

  5. The last patch was released around 6:30 Central time

  6. IN BRAZIL it was released around 9pm (BRAZIL CLOCK)

  7. Please look into removing around host player boundaries off of non dedicated servers. Thank You!

  8. can you add the mods like ANUNAKI

    1. Author

      I cannot, as I’m not a Wildcard developer ;p However, we will see more mods in the future coming to xbox, so who knows 🙂

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