Upcoming items: industrial forge, bunk bed, trophy heads and more

Upcoming items: industrial forge, bunk bed, trophy heads and more

With the latest release of the ARK development kit we also found some interesting new items that are being implemented aside from the Dodorex preview. These items include:

  • An industrial forge
  • Bunk beds (finally something else than the thatch bed)
  • An alchemy bench (will we get potions or does this have to do with the upcoming RP system?)
  • A wall lamp
  • Trophy heads, currently limited to rex and broodmother.

Anyway, enough with the talking, here are some pictures:

Broodmother and Rex Trophies
The alchemy bench
Alchemy bench and the bunk bed
Broodmother Trophy Head up close
Bunk bed up close
The industrial forge
Rex trophy head up close
The little wall lamp
Comparison of the industrial forge with the wall lamp

Below a comparison between the stone forge and the upcoming industrial forge. Keep in mind that the current size of the industrial forge can be off, as it is still under development. It can happen that the actual in game forge will be smaller.



  1. That doesn’t look like a forge. Looks more like a smelter.

    1. \Content\PrimalEarth\Test_Efecto\Metal_Structures\HalfWall

  2. I don’t have DevKit, but I downloaded diffcontent of v220, please add screenshots of Words and HalfWalls

    1. Author

      I will take a look at it and add them when possible.

  3. How about getting rid of the fabricator and put a large 3D printer instead make’s more sence

  4. Why can’t y’all work on optimization before adding new content?

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