Dropped Item Meshes Preview

Dropped Item Meshes Preview

It has been on the ‘A little further out‘ list of the developers of ARK: Survival Evolved for a while: dropped item meshes. As the weeks are progressing, more and more meshes are created. Since a lot of them are already finished, we wanted to show them to you in a little preview. The item meshes can all be found in the devkit, but for those that simply like pictures, check them out below:


Ammo drops

From left to right (and bottom to top): tranq arrows (green), stone arrow, C4 ammo, rifle ammo, pistol ammo, metal arrows, shotgun shells, simple bullets, tranq dart, sniper bullets and rocket ammo.

Basic resources

Basic resources drops

From left to right (back row): metal ore, wood, stone and hide

From left to right (front row): obsidian, thatch, fiber and flint


Clothing drops

From left to right: cloth armor, chitin armor, hide armor, flak armor and scuba gear


Structure drops

Currently the drops for structures are just depending on their materials. Maybe we will get specific drops for each structure, but for now this is already pretty awesome. Again, from left to right (and bottom to top): thatch structures, metal structures, wood structures and stone structures.


Food drops

From left to right (back row): cooked meat, raw meat, spoiled meat, cooked prime meat, raw prime meat, meat jerky, and prime meat jerky

From left to right (front row): rockarrot, citronal, longrass, savoroot (not poop!), seeds, and berries


Craftable drops

From left to right: cementing paste, electronics, charcoal, gunpowder, polymer and sparkpowder.

More resources

More resource drops

This picture includes gasoline, oil, silica pearls, crystal and chitin.

Potions and ingredients

Potions and ingredient drops

This picture includes stimulants, narcotics, rare flowers and rare mushrooms.

Random resources

Random resource drops

From left to right (back row): cosmetic bag (something upcoming??), dye and parachute.

From left to right (front row): soup, water jar, waterskin, saddle (generic)

Special stuff

Special stuff drops

From left to right: blood extraction syringe, blood pack and notes.

Dodo Comparison

Dodo comparison with drops

And to give you all a better understanding of how big the drops will be approximately, here is a picture of a dodo next to some dropped items. The biggest drops at this point are the arrows (in length) and the oil barrel (in height).

We hope that you enjoy these previews. When we come across other items, dinos or anything useful in the development kit, we will be sure to post it! So stay tuned.


  1. I think that’s a box of C4. Your first picture with the “???”

  2. Author

    Thanks for noticing the right ammo type 🙂 the post has been updated now.

  3. Are you going to have to click all over the place to pick stuff up?

    1. Author

      We can only tell when they release it in-game. Maybe they will have some sort of system that makes it easier to find stuff on the ground, but who knows.

  4. This is going to make the game realistick!

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