SotF – Standalone and free to play

SotF – Standalone and free to play

During the stream by Wildcard, they announced (and are currently playing) a standalone version of the Survival of the Fittest game mode. This version will be free for everyone to play, and is now up on Steam for PC players.

As stated by the Wilcard staff themselves: “Survival of the Fittest will be available for download after the stream, and will be completely FREE TO PLAY for all PC players!!!

A little preview on how it looks can be found below. For those interesting in the actual gameplay, head over to their stream and check it out!

The new version of the Survival of the Fittest game mode will also include rewards. According to Jesse himself, it will consist of “currently 5 tier-based hat skins, trophies and other goodies, and the giga skin“. However, you will need to invest some time as 200 wins are necessary to unlock the skin.

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-15 om 19.17.57

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-15 om 19.20.01


A new trailer has also been released. Check it out below!

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  1. I say in a ark video the devs are working on 2 things in the newest ark videos on their YouTube channel i saw in the video their working on the mysterious creature posted on march 1 and the woolly rhino is getting its fur pass right now

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