Mysterious Mysteries Contest

Mysterious Mysteries Contest

Currently, Wildcard is hosting a Mysterious Mysteries contest on their Twitch stream. Check it out quickly, as there is something special to win! The original description by Jat can be found below:

Hey Survivors!

We’ve got a fun little contest to run for those of you may have tuned into our survivetheark stream!

If you haven’t yet, check it out here: – we’ve got an epic announcement coming in a little while!

Mysterious, eh? :P

The first survivor to correctly guess what the announcement is for and to correctly identify the clues in the footage to support your theory!

There are four-cluesgigantic hints that we’ve given away! Let us know what you think they are, as well as what the announcement is about!

You must correctly guess all the clues, as well as the announcement to win the contest!

You can send in your entries to [email protected] — the contest is open to survivors worldwide and the winner will be announced on our twitter at the end of the stream! And they’ll be contacted promptly :)

As for what you’ll win? Well, that’ll remain a mysterious mystery for now

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