Dung Beetle and Dimetrodon sneak preview

Dung Beetle and Dimetrodon sneak preview

Today, Drake released some pictures of the upcoming Dung Beetle and Dimetrodon. We already showed you some pictures of them in our devkit preview, but now you can also see how they will look in the game. They will be released in the upcoming v232 patch.

The Dung Beetles are around the size of a large dinosaur feces and can have the most beautiful colors (check out the rainbow ones). The Dimetrodon looks just like the devkit previews, which you can check out here if you want to see more.

We will keep you updated if more pictures are released.


The Dung Beetle is a wondrous organic biofactory that eats excrement and other useless waste to then metabolize and produce burnable oil that can power generators and fertilize crops! Regarded as the perfect tame for cleaning up around the tribe’s dino-pen.


Say hello to the adaptable carnivore! The Dimetrodon offers players shade during excessive heat and shelter from extreme cold by way of the massive insulating sail running down its back. It’s regarded as one of the friendly creatures to survivors and can be found roaming the swamplands that are plentiful with small prey.


The spotlight video has also been posted on YouTube. You can check it out below:

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