With the new ARK: Scorched Earth DLC, we can finally get to know those mysterious creatures. In this post you’ll find the full dossiers for each of them. Thorny Dragon Dossier Morellatops Dossier Jerboa Dossier Jug Bug Dossier Rock Elemental Dossier Desert Moth Dossier Wyvern Dossier Vulture Dossier Mantis Dossier Death Worm Dossier Manticore DossierRead More →


A new DLC for ARK: Survival Evolved has been released today! It’s called ARK: Scorched Earth and is available on Steam and Xbox One! This expansion is not free. The retail price is $19,99 / €19,99. The DLC features a complete new world, containing a massive desert, new creatures and a lot of new items. PC players can get it on Steam here. And Xbox Players can find it in the Microsoft store!Read More →


With all the mysterious mystery dossiers that were revealed in the past months, we are now getting close to the actual unravelling. The following message was posted by Jat on the SurviveTheArk website: This Thursday on September the 1st at 10AM PST/1PM EST we shall be revealing our Mega Mysterious Mysteries Update! The reveal will be streamed live over on our Twitch channel at www.twitch.tv/survivetheark If you love ARK, surprises, and scorching hot gameplay, be sure to tune in! Alongside this gigantic reveal, we’ll be in full force with the new game content in playable form on both PC and Xbox One. Join us at PAX WestRead More →


With the success of the Survive ARK Companion app on Android and iOS, I got a lot of emails about translations for the app. However, I’m not able to translate the app to every language available, so here is where you guys are needed! Help translate the app A GitHub page is set up where you can find the file with all the words and phrases that can be translated. You can add translations for any language you know! You can even edit the existing English text if you believe that something could / should be phrased differently. Currently the main languages that need translations are: Danish, German,Read More →


With the new devkit update, we are able to show you some more of the upcoming things in ARK! This time 4 new creatures were found, some interesting items such as oil jars and the upcoming fishing pole, but also nests and wolf dens! Be amazed with the incredible work that the devs put in their game and check out the images below: Baryonyx Diplocaulus Hesperornis Tapejara Industrial grinder Oil Jar Fishing Pole Anthill, nest and wolf den Explorer chests updatedRead More →


Another mysterious creature has been announced today. It seems that we’ve another flying coming to the ark, as the image looks like a giant moth. We’re very curious when more information will be released on these mystery dossiers, as more and more seem to be dropping. For those that have missed the other dossiers, we will link them for you below: Mystery Creature 1 Mystery Creature 2 Mystery Creature 3 What do you think the special ability of this new creature will be? And does anyone know of a species it might be based upon? We’d love to hear your thoughts!  Read More →


Common Name: ???? Species: ???? Time: ???? Diet: ???? Temperament: ???? Wild ???? Domesticated ????? Another mysterious creature has been announced today. This time it’s a flyer that looks like a pretty normal vulture. This is the third mystery creature  (1st and 2nd) and from the looks they all fit in a desert biome (but that could be us). Of course it could also be something entirely different; maybe it has to do with ascension or a new boss arena that contains these creature.. who knows?Read More →