Mysterious Creature: ???

Mysterious Creature: ???


Another mysterious creature has been announced today. It seems that we’ve another flying coming to the ark, as the image looks like a giant moth. We’re very curious when more information will be released on these mystery dossiers, as more and more seem to be dropping. For those that have missed the other dossiers, we will link them for you below:

What do you think the special ability of this new creature will be? And does anyone know of a species it might be based upon? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. Too me, it looks like the special ability of the “Mega Moth” is to suffocate its enemies or to poison or knock them out somehow with moth dust. Reasons, one of the people in the dossier fragment is acting like he is choking and there is a very dramatic hand being raised as if he was dying or passing out.

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