DevKit Preview: Tek tier armor, Giga Laser and Tek Grenade

DevKit Preview: Tek tier armor, Giga Laser and Tek Grenade

Together with some of the new creatures in the latest DevKit version, we came across some Tek-tier stuff. There was already a preview of the Tek tier armor some time ago, but this time we can show you more from within the DevKit. There are also some new items available, including something called a “Giga Laser” and a Tek tier grenade.

What do you guys think of the Tek tier stuff? Do you like it or is it not in line with the rest of the Island?

Female Tek Tier Armor



Male Tek Tier Armor



Giga Laser



Tek Grenade




  1. I’m honestly hoping this tek tier won’t be available on TheIsland. It seems a tad too futuristic and if dinos are still to be useful throughout all tiers, as devs have stated many times(dinos > anything else) they’re really starting to push it a bit, as all dinos are just there to be tamed even at metal tier 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t be worried about that 🙂 i’m sure that everything is going to be fine, and Heck! if it does suck (which it won’t) we have Primitive servers and ways of turning those engrams off so there!

      1. I have faith in the devs. They did already talk about another ARK being more dangerous, so maybe that’s where you go to actually use this Tek tier, because right now there’s no need for it. It’s cool of course, but it doesn’t serve a purpose as nothing is dangerous apart from the Giga right now.

        And people might be misreading my comment. I’m not against this Tek tier. I just want a reason to build it, besides the cool factor. I’m not grinding away for a week just to look cool XD

  2. I like the idea of the tek tier. Many people say it is going to ruin ark, but what part of it will be ruined, huh? Honestly, the only thing it might change is the amount of protection you have, and the strength you have. What if the devs make this a REALLY hard to get tier? Then that might balance it out. If you don’t like the tek tier than don’t use it.

    1. odds are that the Tek Tier will need a large amount of Black Pearls, and those can be a pain to harvest even with 6 times harvest rates. I searched for 4 hours and only found 22

    2. Also, due to it being the 5th tier of armor, I can see them making the Tek armor have the best of all tiers. that includes high weather resistance and high armor ratings. They will probably leave out water breathing, clear water, and speedy swiming though, just to keep it from being God Armor.

  3. Is the Giga Laser going to be on the head of a Giganotosaurus? That would make an OP dino even more OP. But it would be epic.

    1. the gigas are not THAT op, in fact wild gigas have at LEAST 100000 HP and tamed at lowest 30.000 HP, they are NO MATCH compared to the wild ones, and they also have done a massive rebalancing update since the gigas were released

      1. True I guess, and it would be cool for gigas to be able to destroy metal (slowly at least) and imagine a bionic Giga with that on its head

      2. No noch Op NOo A Lvl 38 giga 10 shot my 240 Rex with pimp my dino armor seems like rly low this giga

  4. Interesting to say the least. Hopefully there will be a way to balance this tier. I understand the whole game is based around progressing from “cave man” to modern. I personally love the idea of intertwined systems like this. I just fear larger more powerful tribes may use these items to permatroll. Our server, we (my tribe) have progressed enough we have been able to systematically wipe the biggest tribes. Chaos always ensues, and medium tribes grow larger and more powerful after these broken groups rejoin. Then the game of over throwing the dominating power begins again once they get out of control. We are the protectors. We are ghosts. We only show up when needed, and devastate dinosaur and supplies of powerful bully tribes.

    EU Xbox 258………….~Vendetta~

  5. takes me back to the old cartoons, DinoRiders…

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