ARK Taming Calculator

Always know how much resources you need by calculating them with the ARK: Survival Evolved taming calculator. You can click on the different types of food to have them filled up to their maximum amount. If you want to use multiple types of food, it is possible to select your primary type (e.g. Kibble) and then fill in quantities of other foods you will use / have used. The calculator will then automatically decrease the amount of primary food needed.

This taming calculator, amongst other features, is also included in the Survive ARK Companion app! You can download it on Google Play here (Android), or get it in the App Store here (iOS)!

Last updated on: December 2017 – v275

  • ARK: Abberation creatures are now available! The website and the Android and iOS app have been updated with the Bulbdog, Featherlight, Glowtail, Karkinos, Ravager, Reaper, Rock Drake, Roll Rat and Shinehorn!

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Important: The taming calculator now makes use of the new base rates. For official servers this means that you can keep the taming multiplier at 1x (or 1.5x when the Evolution event is active)!
Food Qty Max Time
Tame info
Narcotics needed -
Time to refill
Narcoberries needed -
Time to refill
Bio Toxin needed -
Time to refill
Time to drain torpor
Total tame time
Local time done 0
Levels (+ ) 1 1
Max level after training (+ 71) 1 72
Kibble Recipes
Favorite kibble ()
Produces kibble (for )
KO Techniques
Additional knockout info
  • Temp range (°C) 20 - 40
  • Temp range (°F) 20 - 40
  • Incubation time 4:00
  • Maturation times Baby: 20:00
    Juvenile: 30:00
    Adolescent: 12:00
Carryable by

Starve timer
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Narcotics timer / Toggle:
(queued: 0)
0 narcotics
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Additional dino information
  • KO (Standard Tame)