With patch v240 getting very close, Drake and Jat have been releasing screenshots of some of the upcoming stuff. These include the new creatures (Arthropluera, Lystrosaurus and Sabertooth Salmon), but also the Bola and boss arenas! Enjoy. New creatures New weapon Boss arenas Spotlight And the corresponding spotlight for the new patch:Read More →


Last week, I’ve started the beta test of the fan-made Survive ARK Companion app. Today it has been published to the Play Store, which means everyone is now able to download it. What are you waiting for? Download it now! Note to iOS users There is also an iOS version available of the app! Get it here in the App Store! Features To give a quick overview of the current features in the app, you can check out the list below: Taming calculator (with multipliers and the latest creatures): including everything you need, from starve- and narcotic timers to kibble and breeding overviews. Creature stats calculator,Read More →


A new version of the DevKit was released today. Unfortunately there weren’t many new things available this time. There are already a lot of creatures modeled and textures, so we think that they first focus on releasing those before turning to new ones. However, there are still a couple of things that might be interesting for you guys to see. Tek wall With the new tek tier items such as armors and weapons, we also get access to a new type of wall. In the pictures you will find this to called tek-wall, and also a comparison of it with a normal metal and stone wall.  Read More →


Update: the app is no longer in beta-phase, but already released. A while back there was a poll on this website and one of the results was that people wanted to have a mobile app. The last couple of weeks I’ve been working on this in my spare time and today I’m happy to announce that it is open to beta testers (on Android though)! Getting started So, what does this mean? Well, it means that you can go to this link and sign up as a beta tester. This will grant you access to the app and you can start using it immediately. The aim of theRead More →


Today, patch v239 hit our games and brought some nice new content. Below you’ll find an overview of the things that have been added, including creatures, items and spawn commands, so you will be prepared for anything. Direbear Finally the big teddybear has come to ark. Although it might not be as brutal as everyone expected, it is still nice to see a bear wandering around the island. Taming The favorite food of the Direbear is Carno kibble, and you will need 11 for a level 1, up to 48 for a level 120. For more specific amounts (and other food) you can check out the tamingRead More →


With patch v239 getting really close (close-close, so today), more and more screenshots (including catchy captions) are released by the Wildcard team. An overview of them can be found here, and they do not only include the new Direbear and Manta, but also the Broodmother boss arena. Hopefully it will finally be released and not pushed back again, as it looks fairly finished. Additionally, the new spotlight can also be found at the bottom of this post! What are you guys looking out for the most? The new creatures, new items or the larger changes such as the boss arenas or breeding mechanics? SpotlightRead More →


Together with some of the new creatures in the latest DevKit version, we came across some Tek-tier stuff. There was already a preview of the Tek tier armor some time ago, but this time we can show you more from within the DevKit. There are also some new items available, including something called a “Giga Laser” and a Tek tier grenade. What do you guys think of the Tek tier stuff? Do you like it or is it not in line with the rest of the Island? Female Tek Tier Armor Male Tek Tier Armor Giga Laser Tek GrenadeRead More →


It has been a while since the latest DevKit preview, but we’re back. This time we came across a lot of new creature models (around 7!) and we have an awesome colored Titanosaur to show you. Most of the creatures are just modeled at this moment, but we can see that Studio Wildcard is working hard on getting all the announced creatures out on time. Hopefully they will be released in one of the upcoming patches, as we cannot wait to see them in the game. Have fun checking out the screenshots below and let us know what you think of them! Achatina Allosaurus Chalicotherium Cnidaria DiplodocusRead More →


Patch v238 has just hit our games, and with it some new items and creatures! Below we will give you an overview of what has been added, including spawn commands, so you are prepared for everything. Dunkleosteus Taming Its favorite kibble is Titanoboa kibble. Head over to the taming calculator to find the exact values! Spawn command You can spawn the Dunkleosteus yourself by using the following command: cheat SpawnDino “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Dunkleosteus/Dunkle_Character_BP.Dunkle_Character_BP'” 1 1 1 120 Saddle The needed materials are as follows: 300x Hide 180x Fiber 120x Cementing Paste 80x Metal Ingot The saddle itself costs 20 EP to unlock and can be spawned using the following command: cheatRead More →