Survive ARK Companion – Patch notes

Here you can find the patch notes for the Survive ARK Companion app. If you know of any feature(s) that you would like to have added to the app, don’t hesitate to let me know!

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Patch notes (Current: v2.0)


  • Small update: Primitive Plus commands!


  • New: Boomerang added to KO weapons
  • New: Creature drops under additional info
  • New: Dino Drops overview
  • New: Dark Theme!
  • New: General Admin commands
  • New: Translation ready. Help translate the app to your native language!
  • New: Harvesting overview – Which creatures and tools are best for harvesting which resources?
  • New: Basic Scorched Earth map with cave locations
  • Update: Dino overviews have better icons
  • Update: Icons are back for the resource calc and admin commands
  • Update: Plant Trap Y added to “affected by”
  • Update: Wyvern added to “carryable by”
  • Update: Adobe added to “can damage”
  • Update: Rock golem is now properly displayed with taming foods
  • Bugfix: Breeding calc weight input field
  • Minor other bugfixes and improvements
Also: Scorched Earth creatures & commands have been added over the air if you hadn’t noticed yet!

v1.9.0 / 1.5.0 / 1.1

  • New: Due to popular demand: “Can damage” and “Is affected by” sections
  • New: Also added a “Fits through” section for gates
  • New: You can now see the amount of food you still need to get through the baby phase
  • Update: Redid the “Additional info” tab layout
  • Update: Increased resource calculator amounts from 999 to 99999
  • Update: Reset button added to resource calculator
  • Bugfix: Resolved issue with custom final weight in breeding calculator
*** Help translate the app to your language: ***

v1.8.2 / 1.4.2

  • Bugfix: Fixes issue with breeding calculator crashing on startup for some users

v1.8.0 / 1.4.0

  • New: Breeding calculator, including first set of baby dino images (more will be added each day!)
  • New: Chance to kill – see the chance that you might kill the creature instead of knocking it out
  • Bugfix: Probable fix for timer crash on Android 4.2 that could occur when minimizing app
  • Bugfix: Resolved crash that could occur when narco autofill was enabled

v1.7.0 / 1.3.0 (Pro)

  • New: Arthropluera and Compound Bow added to KO options
  • New: Added official social media resources, forums, support and “Report a server outage”-form
  • Update: devtracker now includes developer name and website from post
  • Update: Max level of trained levels increased (61 -> 63)
  • Update: More info on the Titanosaur taming approach (including useful weapons)
  • Update: Added Sweet Veggy Cakes (Tastycakes) to the recipes overview

v1.6.0 / 1.2.0 (Pro) – June 20

  • New: Developer tracker – Stay up to date with the devs by following their every move! (Thanks to /u/Kokarn)
  • New: Whistles – Forgot which key will set your tamed dino to neutral? Well, not any longer!
  • Small change: Patch notes are now listed under the ‘Development’ menu entry

v1.5.1 / 1.1.1 (Pro) – June 17

  • New: Additional notes for some creatures (e.g. Plesiosaur’s level problem)
  • New: Valhalla map added to map overview

v1.5.0 / 1.1.0 (Pro) – June 16

  • New: Diseases & Cures
  • New: Achievements
  • New: Supply Drops
  • New: Base damage is now also displayed under ‘Additional info’ in the taming calculator
  • New: You can now force the app to always use the blueprint path (in case the ID does not work) for admin item commands
  • Fixed: Bug where starve timer did not count down properly on some devices

v1.4.1 / 1.0.0 (Pro) – June 7

  • New: Pro version link
  • Small bugfix

v1.4.0 – June 5

  • New: Kibble Flowchart
  • New: Admin color commands
  • New: Simple maps (for both the Island and the Center)
  • Fixed: Kibble for Diplodocus now takes Tintoberry
  • Various bugfixes
  • Typo fix in admin commands explanation (thanks Joshua)

v1.3.1 – May 25

  • Fix for ko techniques sometimes being empty on startup

v1.3.0 – May 20

  • New: dino spawn commands
  • Fixed narcotics calculator issue with give button

v1.2.1 – May 19

  • Fixed manual update button not updating the taming calculator

v1.2.0 – May 16

  • Updated KO Technique representation
  • Added possibility to persistently add your own weapons (popular request)
  • New: Food intervals for passive tames – know how often you’ll need to feed it
  • New: Item commands – an easy overview to quickly find the command you’re looking for (other commands such as dino spawns will be added over the next couple of versions)
  • Added ‘autofill’ option for the narcotics timer
  • Fixed small issue with narcotic timer unchecking timer box
  • Added colors to stat calculator to indicate above / below / average distribution

v1.1.2 – May 10

  • Added ‘give’ possibility to narcotics calculator

v1.1.1 – May 7

  • Added search field to recipes
  • Fixed some small mistakes in some of the dishes

v1.1.0 – May 4

  • New: Resource calculator!
  • New: Raid calculator!
  • Added speed to stats calculator
  • Made timer input fields a little larger
  • Fixed special case crash with back-button on some devices
  • Improved timer handling
  • Small performance improvements

v1.0.1 – April 28

  • fixed broth of enlightenment typo

v1.0.0 – April 28

  • First public version
  • Performance improvement
  • Last couple of reported bugs

v0.3.2 (Beta)

  • Starve timer uitleg / narcotic timer uitleg

v0.3.1 (Beta)

  • Fixed erroneously dye (mud -> silver)
  • Added foodtable tip
  • Added ‘missing’ hitbox explanation
  • Fixed total breeding time not being influenced by multipliers

v0.3.0 (Beta)

  • Added narcotic timer!
  • Update KO techniques additional info
  • Updated button clicks to be better visible
  • Fixed wooden club not responding to damage % changes
  • Fixed KO weapon damage < 100% not properly working

v0.2.0 (Beta)

  • Survivor Profile can now also be displayed in alphabetical order (through settings)
  • Fixed problems with starve timer not always working correctly when app went to background / screen went off
  • Updated SotF patch notes link to include the latest patch notes
  • Added amount of levels that can be achieved through training (+61)
  • Removed unnecessary permissions

v0.1.0 initial version (Beta)

  • taming calculator, including everything  you need (from recipes to breeding to additional info)
  • creature stats calculator
  • recipe overview
  • patch notes
  • flyer pickups
  • survivor profile