Survive ARK Companion app – Beta testers needed (Android)

Survive ARK Companion app – Beta testers needed (Android)

Update: the app is no longer in beta-phase, but already released.

A while back there was a poll on this website and one of the results was that people wanted to have a mobile app. The last couple of weeks I’ve been working on this in my spare time and today I’m happy to announce that it is open to beta testers (on Android though)!

Getting started

So, what does this mean? Well, it means that you can go to this link and sign up as a beta tester. This will grant you access to the app and you can start using it immediately. The aim of the beta test is to find the last couple of bugs before it is released to the public. One of the advantages for you of using the beta version of the app: it will be ad-free as long as it is in beta.


Although not all calculators and information from the website is available in app yet, the most important aspects are. This means that the taming calculator and creature stats calculator are surely there to be found, amongst some other useful overviews and information. All information in the app is updated from the website, meaning that for small changes (such as new creatures that are released) it can pull in the new information without you needed to update. Because of this, the app is kept up-to-date with the latest information on ARK.


If you come across a bug during testing, you can inform me in a number of ways. First of all, the app includes an ‘About’ section that points to multiple channels (such as Facebook, Twitter and a contact form). If you want to email me directly, you can do so by sending your bugs to android[at] . Make sure to include your device type, Android version and a (detailed) explanation of when the bug occurs.

What’s next?

After the beta stage has been passed, and the app is open to the public, more and more functionalities will be added to it. For now the aim is to include all other calculators that are available on the website, but also new functionality such as the ARK developer tracker and more information / calculations on breeding. More on this will follow as soon as the app is released to the public (including a place for you to request new features!). Also an iOS version of the app will follow shortly after.

Note that this is a fan-made app made by me and not affiliated with Studio Wildcard. The images used in the app are copyright Studio Wildcard and used with permission.


Android app available for beta-testing. You can download it from the Play Store by using this link.


    1. Author

      Did you get the message to sign up as a tester? You will have to make sure to enter the play store with the same account you signed up as a tester, otherwise you will not be able to see it.

    2. You gotta go on the website on your phone to download it.

  1. Why not fix the stuff that needs fixed before starting other stuff. Ark on the xbox one has never worked right. Fix what needs fixed first before moving on with anything else ggrr.

    1. Author

      As stated in the post above, this is a fan-made app. I don’t work for Studio Wildcard and I update this website (and now also the app) in my spare time. So this won’t have any impact on the game, as Wildcard itself is still fully focusing on that.

    1. Author

      I’m currently working on that. I cannot give an ETA yet, but it shouldn’t bee too long 🙂

    1. Author

      Hopefully soon. I’m still looking into a useful way to represent them, as they don’t have a general format and can contain multiple parameters.

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