Patch v239 – What’s new?

Patch v239 – What’s new?

Today, patch v239 hit our games and brought some nice new content. Below you’ll find an overview of the things that have been added, including creatures, items and spawn commands, so you will be prepared for anything.



Finally the big teddybear has come to ark. Although it might not be as brutal as everyone expected, it is still nice to see a bear wandering around the island.


The favorite food of the Direbear is Carno kibble, and you will need 11 for a level 1, up to 48 for a level 120. For more specific amounts (and other food) you can check out the taming calculator! Keep in mind that the Direbear is an omnivore, so both meat as berries will work for taming it!

Spawn command

For those that want to spawn in the Direbear themselves, you can use the following command to do so (for a level 120):

cheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Direbear/Direbear_Character_BP.Direbear_Character_BP'" 1 1 1 120


The saddle can be crafted at level 35, costs 24 EP, and needs the following materials:

  • 300x Hide
  • 130x Fiber
  • 100x Cementing Paste

You can also spawn it in by using the following command:

cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Armor/Saddles/PrimalItemArmor_DireBearSaddle.PrimalItemArmor_DireBearSaddle'" 1 1 false



It’s time to scout the waters on your quick-as-hell manta! Maybe you can even start your own server-wide races with them.


The Manta appears to be a passive tame, but be careful as it is aggressive if you get near. The best way to go about this is to make use of bug repellant (maybe they should change the name of it, as it no longer applies to bugs only). Its food is something new: Angler gel. We’re currently working on finding out how much is needed for each of the levels.

Spawn command

For those that want to spawn in the Manta themselves, you can use the following command to do so (for a level 120):

cheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Manta/Manta_Character_BP.Manta_Character_BP'" 1 1 1 120


Although the dossier states that it can be ridden without a saddle, there is a saddle engram available for the Manta. You need to be level 25 to unlock it, and it will cost you 16 EP. In addition to that, the following resources are also needed:

  • 100x Hide
  • 70x Fiber
  • 12x Flint
  • 35x Metal Ingot
  • 25x Wood

Or, you can spawn it in with the following command:

cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Armor/Saddles/PrimalItemArmor_MantaSaddle.PrimalItemArmor_MantaSaddle'" 1 1 false

Chemistry Bench

With the new chemistry bench you will be able to more easily create compounds, such as narcotics, and can be seen as an upgrade to the mortar and pestle. You will need gasoline and electricity for it to run. The advantage of the chemistry bench is that it can create items in bulk and they only cost 2/3 of the normal resource amounts (in other words, mortar and pestle create 100% and the chemistry bench will create 150% out of the same resource).

Furthermore, you will need 65 EP to unlock it and be at least level 85. In addition, you will need to have learned the Mortar and Pestle, Beer Barrel and Fabricator beforehand. The resources to make it are as follows:

  • 250x Electronics
  • 250x Cementing Paste
  • 250x Metal Ingot
  • 250x Crystal
  • 100x Sparkpowder
  • 250x Polymer

Spawn command

You can spawn yourself a chemistry bench with the following command:

cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Misc/PrimalItemStructure_ChemBench.PrimalItemStructure_ChemBench'" 1 1 false

Primitive Cannon

Get out your war Quetzals and fill them up with cannons for your own warship! The primitive cannon appears to deal a pretty high amount of damage (we will see for how long this will be the case). It requires you to be level 40 and the cannon will cost you 25 EP (make sure that you’ve also unlocked the Catapult Turret). Additionally, you will also need to unlock the cannon ball which is 5 EP (for which you also need to have Simple Bullet unlocked). The required materials are as follows:


  • 300x Cementing Paste
  • 950x Metal Ingot
  • 200x Fiber
  • 150x Hide
  • 120x Thatch

Cannon Ball:

  • 65x Metal Ingot
  • 30x Gunpowder
  • 15x Cementing Paste

Spawn command

You can spawn yourself a primitive cannon with the following command:

cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Misc/PrimalItemStructure_Cannon.PrimalItemStructure_Cannon'" 1 1 false

For the cannon ball, you can use the following:

cheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Weapons/PrimalItemAmmo_CannonBall.PrimalItemAmmo_CannonBall'" 1 1 false

Boss arena (Broodmother)


Currently we do not know much about the boss arena, so if you have any insights: feel free to share in a comment below!


  1. Looks awesome can’t wait to for it to be added to xbox.

    1. When will the new patch be released for the xbox?

  2. i think your manta calc is off. the required gel is ok but when i tamed the lvl 36 manta your calc said it will be at 68% effectiveness and gain 12 lvls. but what i got was about 38.1% and 6 lvls.

    1. Author

      Thanks for letting me know. I updated the effectiveness calculations, so they should be more correct now 🙂

      1. Why durring taming Manta is loosing Food points so fast? Below 50% taming progress is going down faster that i can fed it. Or i did something wrong?

  3. All this is awesome really. I really like the way the game feels and we needed a good way to get fiber. What our little kids inside really need right now is the titanosaur. Pls release some news about it, pls. Aside from pictures 🙁

  4. Please Fix manta, on official servers it almost imposible to tame hight level. To be sure i build a fence fro taming so she cant swim out the depts or jump to the shore and die, but during taming manta is loosing food points very fast, and when its going below 50% taming progres is rapidly decrease ( she faster loosing tp then i can feed her). Or someone tamed a 100+ lev on official ?

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