Patch v239 – Preview screenshots

Patch v239 – Preview screenshots

With patch v239 getting really close (close-close, so today), more and more screenshots (including catchy captions) are released by the Wildcard team. An overview of them can be found here, and they do not only include the new Direbear and Manta, but also the Broodmother boss arena. Hopefully it will finally be released and not pushed back again, as it looks fairly finished. Additionally, the new spotlight can also be found at the bottom of this post!

What are you guys looking out for the most? The new creatures, new items or the larger changes such as the boss arenas or breeding mechanics?

Manta racers
Broodmother Arena
Bear with me here
Just Fishin’
The bare necessities



  1. How soon can we expect details of the taming mats, like kibble and narcs for the bear and the manta? I want to tame it as soon as it comes out 😛

    1. Author

      It will take a little while as I’m not home for the next couple of hours :p as soon as I’m back at my computer it will be available in around 30 minutes

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