ARK Explorer Note: Rockwell

ARK Explorer Note: Rockwell

Another explorer note was revealed today by Jat. This time it contains information on the well-known Rockwell (the person that wrote the Rockwell recipes that you can find for various dishes). We’ve already covered this explorer note in an earlier devkit preview, but this time it is in full color and with an altered text! In addition to this single Rockwell note, we then saw that there was another one concerning him and the berries on the island (although that one hasn’t been officially released yet, you can find it here if you want to see it). Beneath the explorer note you will also find the text written out, as it can sometimes be hard to read.


It is on stormy night like this that I wish I could speak to my colleagues back in rainy London. John Parkinson and his Theatrum Botanicum would find himself humbled at the diversity of flora I have on record; “The Rockwell Recipes” will be the next greatest work in botany. 

Like the greats before me, my time is spent exploring the medicinal properties that the plants here have to offer. Insulated now from the hostility of the island by a colony of locals (who, for the record, would be another text entirely in anthropology) they have taken it upon themselves to clothe and protect me in exchange for my scientific knowledge; I will present it to His Majesty Charles I when I return, and I am sure, be published within the year.

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