Patch Notes Xbox – v731.0

Patch Notes Xbox – v731.0

The xbox version of ARK: Survival Evolved is a couple of patches behind on the PC version. However, they will be getting an update in a matter of weeks, as patch v732 has been announced.

PC vs Xbox differences

If you want to know the exact differences between the PC and Xbox versions, and to see a full list of changes the new patch will bring, you can check out our post on the differences between Xbox One and PC versions.

Full patch notes

Update: please note that the ETA of February 10 has been postponed for now

v731.0 (Current)

  • All PC Content up thru PC version 234 (Beer, Dung Beetle, Dimetrodon, Gallimimus, Shock Prod, Riot Armor, Greenhouse Tileset, etc etc). For a full list of differences, see our post here.
  • SPLIT-SCREEN MULTIPLAYER for both Online and Local Play!!
  • Rendering Framerate improvements (~20%)
  • Non-Dedicated Multiplayer tether range increased +33%, Maximum number of players in non-dedicated sessions increased to 8!
  • All of the PC’s Server options are now exposed to Hosting/Local Sessions (even options that were previously hidden in INI’s), and all options have direct-input textboxes for using any arbritrary value. Including whether to allow Tribute Downloads ;)
  • Fixed cursor erroneously resetting to “Favorites” button after attempting to join a server
  • Fixed a memory leak that would eventually crash the client over time
  • Fixed log-out when plugging in Play-&-Charge Kit
  • Fixed crashes when entering long text into Notes
  • Fixed inability to connect/reconnect sometimes after losing connection (‘stuck at PrimalGameData loading screen’)
  • Fixed duplicating dinos in singleplayer
  • Fixed losing Tribe Data
  • Fixed Host Settings not saving
  • Improved range & performance of ‘Ground Clutter’ effect
  • Fixed multi-colored Dimorphodon ;)

Upcoming changes

The Xbox version is slightly behind on the PC version, so for upcoming changes you can check out the PC patch notes (v232v233 and v234), or our post on the full list of differences between Xbox one and PC. The reason for the delay in patches on the Xbox has to do with the way in which Microsoft needs to approve everything and some other constraints from their side.

These notes and earlier version can also be found on the SurviveTheArk forum.


  1. you really need to give warning or something i was taming something and then you just decided to upgrade the servers…it needs to be if no server announcement is given and your taming and lose the tame and gear we get a free tame and gear back because this is just crap

    1. Author

      Sorry to hear about your loss. However, this is only fan-website so we cannot do anything about the update mechanics of the game. You can try the official forums on and see if they can be of assistance.

  2. I know this is a stupid question but how do I update the game on my Xbox ? I wasn’t prompted to do so and it seems I’m still on v730.1. Thanks in advance if anyone answers my question.

  3. Im on xbox one and two of my friend try to download v731 … and since the download they are not abble to play , ..

    1. Sorry for my english .. lol we restart our xbox1 , and we reload the ark game on xbox , and we still cant play …

      1. I’m having the same problem it’s because the server bulid isn’t the same as your game so they’re incompatible so I think we’ve just lost everything. 🙁

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