Mysterious Creature: ???

Mysterious Creature: ???


Common Name: ????

Species: ????

Time: ????

Diet: ????

Temperament: ????





Another mysterious creature has been announced today. This time it’s a flyer that looks like a pretty normal vulture. This is the third mystery creature  (1st and 2nd) and from the looks they all fit in a desert biome (but that could be us). Of course it could also be something entirely different; maybe it has to do with ascension or a new boss arena that contains these creature.. who knows?


  1. Looks like a hybrid between a argentavis and terror bird a fast runner on the ground and fast flyer in the air so you can attack on the ground like a terror bird and then fly and do aerial flights it seems like the best flyer in the game. They might make a hybrid of a mosasaurus and plesiosaurus

  2. seems to deffenitley be a vulture so maybye its a really good meat harvester

  3. Where are the Dev Kit Update?!

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