Mysterious creature: ???


  1. ARK dont go too far with sh!t

      1. Unlikely to be Ernandon, for it had no scales, but it could be Necromanis perhaps.

      2. I’m pretty sure it is the new format for dossier pictures; thylacoleo, chalicotherium. It’s a modern desert lizard(or desert lizard crossed w/ prehistoric lizard) for the desert biome.

        1. But if it were a regular doss, it would have info, then again, could be work in progress on info.

  2. Maybe a new boss with soundtrack?

      1. It’s not a normal dossier, it looks to be big in size(look at dragon dossier and compare with model) it’s not a boss at a tower… Could be in desert, looks like its habitat is the desert, hmmm…

  3. In school, so i cant play the sound out loud… what does it sound like? And was this officially tweeted out by Ark?

  4. That thar is a horny toad,… be it slightly prehistoric. Phrynosoma,.. I’ve always looked at them like a mini dinosaur growing up in the Arizona sw. Genus of the family Phrynosomatidae,.. er so I hear 🙂

  5. It’s an armadillo girdered lizard, or at least the prehistoric version. Look it up it looks exactly like this!!!

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