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  1. I have a very rough translation involving a lot of googling for the Latin:

    It is required that this is Elysium. My father would be different from this. I do not see any riverman. No three-headed dog. I see monsters and stranger people(nation?). I see people like this life. I do the same. What else can we do? Most run to the beach, I leave the trees. Some people are trying to their tents or houses would sell them. (Some people are trying to sell their tents or houses?) under the control of sleep, the body of the dead monster (Some sleep under the body of the dead monster). He taught me better. I have a house. (Lorem? No translation, probably left over from lorem ipsum text) fruit trees to build stronger. I found that really good rocks nearby. And they are committed to do.

    It’s worth noting that this typeface is kind of hard to read exactly, and some of the letters are very similar, which may contribute to further errors beyond crappy google translate results.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the reply. We’ve updated the Latin translation with help of your comment and another user from Reddit. Now it is at least a lot easier to understand what the message is, even though it isn’t translated 100% correctly.

  2. So we have someone from Briton (Edmund Rockwell), China (Meiyin), Roman [?] (Gelia) and someone whose origin seems unknown to me (Elimisha). Do we see a pattern? or is it random?

    1. Possibly the Strange force that put them/us on the island of ARK are studying our differences in religion, culture, strategies, how we function, etc. But MAYBE, JUST MAYBE they put our player on the island to teach us a lesson, they seem alien due to their architecture(towers) and technology, we would not be on the island for their amusement, due to them implanting something in our arm to help us, supply drops, things like that, I’m trying to figure this out, hopefully soon we will have more notes, until then, let’s enjoy the island of ARK 😀

  3. “Roman” is supposed to be just “Rome”

  4. From assumption on the knowledge of Elimisha (knowing the mammals were from the Ice Age). She seems to be from more modern times. The exact place is unknown…. but given the difference of the continents and places, I would guess modern America. Scientist from the attitude of her wanting to observe and share her findings, rather than just survive like the others (outside of the alchemist Rockwell)

    1. That is true… Also, there is a frozen body in a very very small ice cave in tundra, and then she does know about ice age animals, maybe that could be her frozen body! If she knows the arctic, then she lives in the tundra of ark, the body shape seems feminine, however there can be easy weight lost, any way, that body seems to be something more than just some random characters, it seems like there’s something up with it, tonight I’m going to inspect or try to find it, and see what I can do from there.

  5. I am VERY excited for the next Rockwell note, i would love his work, and that beard thou! Also, can anyone tell me the best way to get the recipes? I got some from some high level Rex and some argens but that’s all, any tips or suggestions?

    1. Killing Argents and Megalodons, they seem to drop all kinds of recipes. Alphas i think might also sometimes have them in their inventory.

  6. The Elysium Fields are Greek and were more like heaven. It is where those related to or chosen specially by the gods would go after they died, mostly the righteous or heroic. They would “live” there in peace and bliss doing the things they most enjoyed doing during their mortal life.

    1. Also, though the text is in Latin the writing has a Greek flavor in the way the letters are drawn and the pictures are more in an ancient Greek style than Roman. I would hazard that Gellia is Greek.

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