Devkit Preview: Explorer Chests, colored Beaver and colored Ichthyornis

Devkit Preview: Explorer Chests, colored Beaver and colored Ichthyornis

A new DevKit update was released by Wildcard earlier today, which brings us up to v232. The previous DevKit version wasn’t released too long ago, so there aren’t many ground breaking features found, however there are some interesting things we would like to share with you.

Explorer Chests

Wildcard has stated that there will be more “lore” and information to be found on the island. Currently you can find dossiers made by “dossier-dude” and recipes made by “recipe-gal”, but in the future you’ll be able to come across other things. This was in one of the latest ARK Digests:

Q: Survivor, OnePotatoChip also asks, “Ready to reveal any more information about Ark #2, yet? Or how about some lore for us to chew on?”

A: “There are key Survivors on the ARK whose notes you’ll be finding through deep exploration. Dossier Dude (not his real name) is one. Recipe Gal (not her real name) is another. The others include a Three Kingdoms Era Monk and a Roman Centurion. Their writings, across time and languages, help lead to unlocking the mystery of exactly what the ARK is.”

In the DevKit, there are currently some items known as “Explorer Chests”, each with a human name bound to it (presumably the names of the people stated above?).  In the screenshot below, you can see these explorer chests. From left to right, they are named as follows: Rockwell (we know this one from the recipes), MeiYinLi (maybe the monk), Gellia Leddica (could be the centurion) and Elmisha (maybe the dossier person). We included also some close up shots so you are able to take a good look at it, as this will be adding a lot more to the story behind ARK.

Left to right: Rockwell, MeiYinLi, Gellia Leddica, Elmisha
Close up Rockwell and MeiYinLi
Close up Gellia Leddica and Elmisha

Colored Giant Beaver

In a previous DevKit preview, we showed you the model of the Giant Beaver. Unfortunately, there were no colored textures present at that time, but with this new release there is. Check the colored beaver out down below.




Colored Ichthyornis

Just as with the Beaver, the Ichthyornis did not have any colored textures in the previous preview. Luckily they have been working on it and therefore we are able to show it in color this time. ichthyornis_colored_1




  1. I can’t wait to look in every single nook and cranny for these, I love these notes, I’d love to look for them I just can’t wait, keep up with them please! 😀

  2. O. M. G. I swear I will be first to tame the cute lil’ icthyornis, <3 <3

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