Devkit Preview: Eurypterid, Red wood forests and Giant Beaver fur pass

Devkit Preview: Eurypterid, Red wood forests and Giant Beaver fur pass

A small dev kit update was released today, which means that we are able to show you some more upcoming creatures and items. It is not that much, as the dev kit update only includes a single version, but it is always nice to see what’s on the roadmap of the devs.


The oceans surrounding the island are getting a new creature: the Eurypterid. It looks like an ocean-version of the scorpion and it will be used for getting special “black pearls” (at least, that is what the dossiers tells us). Currently only the model is available in the dev kit and looks like this:




Giant beaver fur pass

The giant beaver has also been updated, as it now has a fur coat. The last picture is from a previous preview without the fur coat, so you can see the differences.




Giant Beaver without fur

Red wood forests

The island will eventually get more diversity in landscape, which includes different trees. One of the things that is now present in the dev kit, are two types of red wood forest trees. Will this mean we are getting an update on the trees in the near future? Lets hope so.


Supply crates

The two new caves, located in the swamp and presumably in the ocean around the northern icy parts, will have its only supply crates. They look the same as the crates found in the other caves on the island, but we still wanted to let you know which colors you will encounter there.

So it seems that blue, yellow and red supply crates will be available. Presumably these will have the same level requirements as those in the already present caves.




  1. Ah! So excited for the beaver. Ever since it’s dossier was released in june i’ve longed for it. And for the eurypterid’s blackpearl.. Nice!

    1. Personally, i cant wait for the grappling hook to reach XB1!

      1. Me too, I was disappointed when I was so excited when I saw the new update downloading the second it finished, I got right on, went in my single player server, looked in engrams, nope…

  2. The different colors are probablyartifacts for the different bosses because each boss will be summoned at a different obelisk (green-broodmother, blue-megapithecus, red-dragon), so this will probably carry over with the crates containing the artifacts. Also, redwood forests have been confirmed for a long time, as well as deserts.

    1. YAY MORE ENVIRONMENTS!!! Hope they add more berries and foods, if so, THAT MEANS MORE RECIPES, NEW PLANTS FOR FARMING(cactus anyone?), AND EVEN MORE ANIMALS!! 😀

  3. How big will the beaver be? It is next to a crate in one screen, which makes it look small, less than frog size. Then it is next to the seagull bird which makes it look a lot larger, maybe like phiomia size.

    Does the devkit say how big the creature actually will be?

    1. Author

      Unfortunately, the devkit doesn’t give a good indication of the actual size the beaver will be. We’ll have to wait for the new patch to find out.

      1. Do you know any other environments and/or foods that will soon come to the mysterious island of ARK?

        1. Author

          Unfortunately I don’t have any insights in new biomes. However there will be a desert biome added to ARK someday 🙂

  4. I CANT WAIT FOR MORE TREES, the regular trees are the same, I want more environments, more ecosystems, sure we have the tundra, the swamp, marshes, mountains, but i want all types of environments, I’m a big fan of ark on Xbox, ever since it came out for Xbox, I’ve played EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I can’t wait!! 😀

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