Patch v242 brings us a lot of new additions; from big creatures to small adjustments such as following distance! We’ve put the most important things for you in a single post, so you will be fully prepared for the new patch! Diplodocus First of all, the Diplodocus. This creature is so friendly, that it will do 0 damage to everything around it (yes, you read that right). In case you want to have a Diplodocus of your own, make sure to always have another creature available that can guard it. Even a tamed Diplodocus will not be able to do any damage to other creaturesRead More →


A while back, we’ve posted information on the upcoming biome changes (in case you missed it, you can find it here). One of the things that is being introduced, is the Redwood Forest. To give a preview of what is to come, you can look at the picture below. If you ask us, the Redwood Forest will bring a lot more of a ‘prehistoric’ feeling to part of the island, with humongous trees that make even a Rex look small. 3D Markers Another thing that we talked about with the biome changes, are 3d markers to indicate the safe and “move-out-of” locations on the map.Read More →


Today, the new “The Center” map was released on Xbox One and PC. To celebrate, ARK: Survival Evolved is now on sale! For Steam players this means a discount of 33% and for Xbox One players it is a discount of 25% (for Gold Members) or 15% (for Silver Members) via the [email protected] Program. If you didn’t have ARK: Survival Evolved yet, now’s your chance to get it for a sharp price. Included in the price is also the The Center DLC, meaning that you will have two worlds to explore!  Read More →


The next patch (v241) will include some changes to the biomes on the island. There was an old biome map released a while back, but this one is not up to date anymore. Most of the changes have now been made and we are able to show you the actual new biome map. Keep in mind that biome changes include changes in terrain. This means that if you currently reside in one of the affected areas, it’s best to relocate before the patch hits (around May 30th), as there is a chance that you will lose your base otherwise. What’s happening The old Snow Biome has receivedRead More →


Last week, I’ve started the beta test of the fan-made Survive ARK Companion app. Today it has been published to the Play Store, which means everyone is now able to download it. What are you waiting for? Download it now! Note to iOS users There is also an iOS version available of the app! Get it here in the App Store! Features To give a quick overview of the current features in the app, you can check out the list below: Taming calculator (with multipliers and the latest creatures): including everything you need, from starve- and narcotic timers to kibble and breeding overviews. Creature stats calculator,Read More →


Update: the app is no longer in beta-phase, but already released. A while back there was a poll on this website and one of the results was that people wanted to have a mobile app. The last couple of weeks I’ve been working on this in my spare time and today I’m happy to announce that it is open to beta testers (on Android though)! Getting started So, what does this mean? Well, it means that you can go to this link and sign up as a beta tester. This will grant you access to the app and you can start using it immediately. The aim of theRead More →


Even more mysteries today, as Jat released the most cryptic post ever. An image was shown, with the caption “???????????????????” and the same for the description. Has Jat finally gone insane due to stress and workload at Wildcard? Or are we getting more information on one of the previous inhabitants of the Island? What do you think?Read More →

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During the stream by Wildcard, they announced (and are currently playing) a standalone version of the Survival of the Fittest game mode. This version will be free for everyone to play, and is now up on Steam for PC players. As stated by the Wilcard staff themselves: “Survival of the Fittest will be available for download after the stream, and will be completely FREE TO PLAY for all PC players!!!” A little preview on how it looks can be found below. For those interesting in the actual gameplay, head over to their stream and check it out! The new version of the Survival of theRead More →


Currently, Wildcard is hosting a Mysterious Mysteries contest on their Twitch stream. Check it out quickly, as there is something special to win! The original description by Jat can be found below: Hey Survivors! We’ve got a fun little contest to run for those of you may have tuned into our survivetheark stream! If you haven’t yet, check it out here: www.twitch.tv/survivetheark – we’ve got an epic announcement coming in a little while! Mysterious, eh?  The first survivor to correctly guess what the announcement is for and to correctly identify the clues in the footage to support your theory! There are four-cluesgigantic hints that we’ve given away! Let us knowRead More →


As of v235, ARK now supports user-created localizations and custom fonts! How to localize ARK yourself 1. In the Windows game, you’ll find a new app here: \Tools\LocalizationManager\LocalizationManager.exe Run it, check the languages you wish to work on, and then click ArchiveFiles->XLS to generate an excel spreadsheet of all the localizations (separated by Tabs if you wanna work on more than one language at a time). This export process takes a couple minutes, so give it time and it will eventually say “completed” on the status panel. Then you can upload that XLS to Google Docs or whatnot for easy group editing. 2. When you’re ready toRead More →