It shouldn’t come as a surprise when we say that the Xbox version is behind the PC version in terms of content. To make everything a little clearer, we will create an overview that lists all the current differences between the two versions. That way you can keep track of which features will be released in a future update. The list is divided into a couple of categories, to make it easier to find the things you are looking for. If it is not in the list, then that means that it is available in both the Xbox version as the PC version of the game.Read More →


  Wildcard has announced that split screen, for both local play and online multiplayer, will be coming to Xbox One in the next patch (v731). Currently there is no ETA available for the next patch, but we think that it won’t be taking that long (as patches were intended to be released every ~2 weeks). Earlier announcements stated that split screen could not be combined with playing online, but it seems this is not the case anymore. Split screen will also come to PC in the future, but an exact release for this is still unknown and no reports indicate that it will be anytime soon. WeRead More →


Starting today, the Humble Bundle has a special sale for ARK: Survival Evolved! You will be able to get it for 40% off the normal price. Normally you can get ARK off of Steam for the small price of $29,99 (€27,99). However, with 40% off it means that you can now get it for only $17,99 (€16,79). If you’ve been wanting to get ARK yourself, or waiting for a sale to give it to one of your friends, now is your chance to get it for cheap. The sale is available for just over a week, ending on January 28. You can find the limited offer in the Humble Store.Read More →


Many of you have heard about the awesome-looking bionic rex skin that is only available for Xbox one players of ARK: Survival Evolved. The skin is not given upon buying the game, like the Parasaur founding father skin on PC. Instead, you need to earn the skin by playing the game. Currently the exact way in which you can earn it is unknown (Update: Not anymore, scroll down to the “How to get the skin yourself” section to see how you can obtain it!) , and therefore Wildcard had created a contest. The contest was about the first person to get the skin on an officialRead More →


As said by WildcardJen on Reddit: In just 1 hour, at 12pm EST, ARK will begin it’s final Survival of the Fittest competition for 2015. And we’re going out with a bang! This new competitive Total Conversion Survival of the Fittest mod pits Survivors against each other in a massive ‘100 versus 100’ Two-Tribe war, featuring the likes of your favourite streamers, previous tournament winners and some of the best Survival of the Fittest players who roam the isle. It’ll be a truly special elimination battle, the likes of which has never been seen before on the ARK! The 100 players on the winning tribeRead More →