ARK Admin console commands on Xbox One

ARK Admin console commands on Xbox One

Since the latest patch (v733) it is also possible to use the PC admin commands on Xbox One! This makes it possible for you to spawn in dinosaurs, items, fly around the map and much more. We will help you with this new addition, by giving you some valuable resources and an explanation on how you can use everything in your single player games and servers.

How to enable Admin console commands on Xbox One?

For the commands to work, you’ll need to go to the pause screen. There you should be able to find an option to input the cheats at the top of your screen. In case you don’t see this option, make sure that you have admin access and re-logged in to the server after giving yourself access.

For the people that end up with their screen cluttered in cheat texts (e.g. keyboard shortcuts to spawn specific items), you might want to run the command ‘setCheatPlayer false‘ (without the quotes).

Which cheats / console commands can I use?

Supposedly every cheat that is available on PC can be used in the Xbox version. To find out the exact commands, you can use the following lists:

Don’t forget that you can also use the Survive ARK Companion app for all the admin commands. This is especially useful if you make use of the Xbox app to connect to your Xbox One; as you can copy the full command (adjusted to your needs) over from the companion app! No more issues with typing them over or combining them yourself; only a single click necessary to copy it to your clipboard! Available on both iOS and Android!
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Where can I use cheats?

Currently you should be able to use cheats in your single player game and on dedicated servers. Non-dedicated servers are not fully supported, but we got varied reports on this. It seems you won’t be able to make other people admin at this moment, making it only for yourself possible to use the commands. It should be possible to make other people on your non-dedicated server admin, by following the steps that are listed under ‘How do I make other people admin on a non-dedicated server?’

 How do I make other people admin on a non-dedicated server?

  • First host ARK on your Xbox as a dedicated server (This way you will get access to the dedicated server window where you can promote players to admins).
  • Have your friends join your dedicated server (just joining should be enough for them to show up in your player list, so no need to create a character)
  • Add them to the admin list.
  • Have them leave the dedicated server and return to the main menu.
  • Leave the dedicated server yourself, head over to the main menu and start your non-dedicated server now.
  • Have them rejoin your non-dedicated server and they should now be an admin on there too!

Keep in mind that the players you have promoted admin will need to use ‘AdminCheat‘ (without the quotes) in front of every command for them to work.

Help, the commands do not work on my Xbox one!

If you cannot get the commands to work, but you are able to input them on your pause screen, you might want to try the following things to solve the problem:

  • Use ‘adminCheat’ (without the quotes) in front of you commands and see if that makes a difference.
  • Try turning your console off and on again, join the server (or local game) again and see if you can use them now (Thanks Jen).
  • If these options didn’t work; post a comment below and we will try to help you out 🙂

If you ran into any inconsistencies in this post, leave a message below and we will adjust it as soon as possible. In case you have more information that is worth adding, share it and we’ll update the post with it!


    1. Can you only use admin commands when you’re Xbox is online because I have no wyfy at home

        1. You don’t need wifi for private server commands

      1. you have to have wyfy wifi to do it

    2. Can’t even get what I type to show up in command bar

      1. I can’t even get the letters to pop up on the admin command bar

        1. Th same things happened to me did you get it fixed if yes how

          1. Enable cheats on setup screen before you launch your world or the Change controllers. Elite controllers and some 3rd party controllers won’t prompt the keyboard. Some days I get it to work with an elite controller by being signed in on a regular controller and an elite controller simultaneously but doesn’t work every time

        1. I’m not even understanding how to get it from my clipboard on my phone to the Xbox one

          1. Author

            There are apps that can connect to your xbox (for example xbox smartglass). Then you can generate the command with the companion app, copy it to your clipboard and use the smartglass app to get it in the game

      1. The cementing paste is the code for dinosaur gate

        1. Author

          It seems that Wildcard removed one of the items from the ID list, which shifted the others. I’m looking into the one that was removed and whether it is a permanent change or not.

  1. I can’t find command logging it admin logging the same thing?

      1. How do I spawn in the industrial forge, can u make it as specific as possible?

        1. Including the beginning (cheat/admin heat)

        2. Author

          GiveItem “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Misc/PrimalItemStructure_IndustrialForge.PrimalItemStructure_IndustrialForge'” 1 1 false
          adminCheat GiveItem “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Misc/PrimalItemStructure_IndustrialForge.PrimalItemStructure_IndustrialForge'” 1 1 false

          1. Just needing to know if these cheats work for anyone on any official servers?
            I am on official server 305 NA for Xbox One

          2. Author

            As the post states, you can only use it on single player or player (non) dedicated servers.

  2. Consel commands dont seem to work on player dedicated server. I get that box in the pause menu but it the command i type in wont work

    1. Author

      What command did you use that didn’t seem to work? You can also try adding ‘admincheat’ (without the quotes) in front of your commands and check if that makes a difference.

      1. He is correct, admincheat must be added before every command line in dedicated servers. In single player, it is not needed.

      2. I’m not able to to spawn the Giganotosaurs :/

        1. Author

          Try the example command at the top of the page and see if that works. Then you can adjust the names to spawn a Giganotosaurus (you might want to use the ‘god’ command before spawning it, as it can get you killed)

    2. I’ve tried all of these it seems and I can’t get it to work

      1. Author

        Try to copy the example commands and see if those work. If they do, change that command so it contains the items / dinos / whatever you need

        1. No sir only thing that’s working is fly

  3. Well on your link for summoning items the darts are not there plz help me

    1. Author

      They are in the list under ‘Items without Item ID’. You’ll have to spawn them with their blueprint path.

      1. What’s the link? Because I really need the item is list

  4. I can’t get the spawn Dino to work

    1. Author

      Have you tried the example at the top of the page there? You should be very careful to copy it one-on-one, as the command will not work otherwise (also pay attention to the single and double quotes that are used). If you don’t mind the level of the dino, you can also try the summon commands as those are a lot shorter to input

  5. I’ve tried the summon and the spawn. Both aren’t working. And I took special care to enter it exactly as shown. ?

    1. Author

      Hm, could you try adding ‘admincheat’ (without the quotes) in front of the command and see if that works? Are you by any change trying them on a non-dedicated server without the proper admin privileges?

      1. I tried adding the ‘admin cheat’ and tried it on singleplayer. It still didn’t work, I tried power cycling my xbox and now it works. So it may have just been me. ?

        1. Author

          Glad to hear that it works in the end. I’ll add your power cycling suggestion to the post, as you will probably not be the only one running into this problem.

          1. For me I can’t type anything in the game period this has been happening for a while I power cycled and everything nothing worked

  6. how do I make someone on my server an admin?

    1. Author

      Currently you are only able to do this on a dedicated server by going to the admin screen, selecting the player and clicking the “Add Admin” button.

        1. Author

          Did you make sure that the admin logging checkbox is selected and restarted the server? Also turning the Xbox off and on again can help.

          1. Ok so we have the command box and can type in in it, but nothing is working, so we need the admin password, if so where do we put that in, thanks

          2. You shouldn’t need the password, as long as you type admincheat before every command line it should work, from my experience.

  7. When i type in the command it wont show what im typing at all

  8. We are both showing as admin, but neither can get the console command box to come up, what are we missing

  9. I’m on an Xbox and I entered the cheat for the giga saddle blueprint and doesn’t work with the admincheat in front of it

    1. Author

      Did you try another blueprint to see if that one works? The Giganotosaurus saddle code should be correct so possible you’ve made a small error when typing it over.

      1. It’s still doesn’t work tried quetz and then put the giga in again then made sure I didn’t have any mistakes and doesn’t work

  10. I have a problem with typing ive done everything restarted the xbox disconnected the controller and unchecked admin logging and rechecked the box but i still cant type anything the keyboard will show up on the screen and let me see what i type but when i push done it doesnt say or do anything at all im only on my single player server

  11. Author

    Are you sure you input a correct command? Because it seems everything else is set correctly. Can you try a simple command such as ‘fly’ (without the quotes) and see if that works? If it does, you can get back to normal by typing in ‘walk’. Do make sure you aren’t high up in the sky when you enter that command.

      1. Author

        That’s too bad. I’ll see if I can find another solution for you. In case anyone else knows the answer; feel free to comment 😉

      2. This is a common problem happens often in the PvP and pve servers have run into it where I couldn’t rename boxes just hard reset it Xbox by holding power till it’s completely off should work after that

  12. I’m finding that the InfiniteAmmo and InfiniteStats aren’t working. I’ve tried with the prefix “admincheat” and without.

    1. Author

      It should destroy every wild dino on the map, however it may look like this isn’t the case as they respawn immediately after. So if you move into a new area, it will already have respawned dinos

  13. Can you spawn stuff from Halloween when it’s not halloween?? XD

  14. And when I put the I’d for. Dino to put there level in single player it doesn’t work right

    1. Author

      Make sure you copy the command that is given as an example at the top of the pages and edit that accordingly to the creature you want. If you make only a slight error in the command, it will not work.

  15. I’m trying to do AddExperience 1000 but its not working, help?

    1. Author

      Did you make sure that you use all the parameters? So adminCheat AddExperience 1000 1 1

  16. How do I make my friends admin

    1. Author

      You should be able to make them admin on a dedicated server through the admin screen.

      1. The giga saddle is still not working

  17. How can I make someone an admin on the xbox

    1. Author

      You should be able to make them admin on a dedicated server through the admin screen.

  18. I’ve tried 6 times giga saddle doesn’t work for me

  19. For some reason I cannot spawn in items with higher item id numbers, for example I could easily spawn in a simple pistol because it’s id number is 1 but if I tried to spawn in some stone walls or something with an item id number in the 300’s then it doesn’t work. It will let me type it in but when I press enter it deletes what I typed. I tried hard resetting my Xbox but it doesn’t seem to help.

    1. Power cycle your xbox one console. Give it a second after putting the command in and pressing enter, mine has about a 1 second delay where it updates the text field with what i just typed.

      Then I press the admin command button on the right of the test field.

    1. Author

      The dragon (and the megapithecus) are not available for spawning on the Xbox version for now.

      1. can more then one pers use cheat commands in a singleplayer server? on xbox

  20. Hey, I can’t spawn any items into the game, it doesn’t work, and is there a way to make it so your weapons and items don’t break? ?

  21. Did the Destroy wild Dino’s command and
    it seemed to only wipe in a small area at first but now it wiped most of the map and the majority of the Dino’s won’t respawn

  22. Also with the whole instant respawn on the destroy wild Dino’s command it seemed to work on the whole map but would respawn the same Dino’s we were trying to wipe over and over

  23. I need help I tryed putting adminCheat and the words didn’t come up

  24. For some reason when I type in a command it goes away and dosent do anything! Help

  25. The only issue I have is that the on screen keyboard doesnt pop up… grr

    1. I am having the same issue, does anyone have a way to fix it?

      1. Enable cheats on setup screen before you launch your world or the Change controllers. Elite controllers and some 3rd party controllers won’t prompt the keyboard. Some days I get it to work with an elite controller by being signed in on a regular controller and an elite controller simultaneously but doesn’t work every time

  26. Xbox one does not allow the (“) yet into ark char so no advance cheats will work for spawning

    1. Go get a chatpad. All of the console commands work. I have used the spawndino command to summon a 120 Giga and forcetame for a perfect tame. Also I think you can use a usb keyboard but I haven’t tested it.

      1. Also you can use any phone, tablet, or pc that has the Xbox app or the Xbox smart glass app and as long as you have that up (might need to be in controller mode) when you click on the text field. the app should change to text input. (you can also copy and paste using this method)

        1. Could you help me with this on my server bro my GT is Indigo Reloadz

    2. Click left stick same position as ‘

  27. Ummm everything i type vanishes, as if by magic, this has been happening a while with renaming which doesnt really bother me. But the no admin commands is making me really mad! Any suggestions on a fix? I really don’t want to regret getting this game but recently I have been…. Should have stuck with PC FeelsBadMan

  28. What’s the command to kick or ban someone from your server?

  29. The console commands are not working for me. They were the other day and I haven’t done anything different and I’ve done everything you’ve suggested to to to fix it and nothing of that has worked now what?

  30. HAHAHAHAH awesome. I see that you used my Reddit post to add the info about non-dedicated server admins.

  31. So this is odd. Been using console commands since last update and then all of a sudden, every time I open the window to type in a command, my controls freeze. Can’t select letters, type, or even go back to my xbox one home screen. It just…freezes up. Not the game itself, but just the controller. Anyone else have this issue? How can I fix this?

    1. Mine does the same thing. It started last night.

  32. Is there a command for the quetzal

    1. Author

      Use the links in the post, for example the ‘Summoning random level creatures’ link, and you’ll find the explanation there.

  33. I try putting in commands exactly how they are supposed to be, but it still doesn’t work. Can I please get some help with this?

    1. Author

      Which commands have you tried? And did you try the example commands that are given at the top of most pages? If you copy them exactly, they should work.

  34. The give item 450 I’d didn’t work on my Xbox any suggestions

    1. Author

      It seems that ID 450 does not work on Xbox. You can try the blueprint path instead: "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Armor/Riot/PrimalItemArmor_RiotHelmet.PrimalItemArmor_RiotHelmet'"

  35. Was using consoles cammands last nyt all was good when i ayarted playing today my world had reset and i cannot type in the text boxes i couldnot name my new character also everything i type in the consoles commands just disappears it seems alot of people r having this problem i jus want to know if any1 has found away to fix it

  36. How to get my admin commands to work when im playing in somebody elses server
    on xbox one

    1. Author

      Read the post. It explains how you can make another person admin on a non-dedicated server

      1. My friend is an admin on my non server but he can’t use the give engrams or fly. He puts admin cheat in front of it. Does he have something else besides that

          1. They can use the spawning of items

          2. Author

            Hm, if those work then the other commands should also work.. Make sure to put adminCheat in front of them though and if there are only a few that don’t work as expected, it could be due to xbox being a little buggy with the commands sometimes.

  37. This works great, no problems yet, if you read the instructions carefully should be no problems.. I’m not sure if you have bunk beds, I looked twice .. maybe I missed it.. anyway is there a way to use console commands to assist in the dossier? Force tame doesn’t seem to do the job.

    1. Author

      Try the doTame command, that one should give you the dossier. Otherwise spawn in a level 1 of a creature and use super test meat to immediately tame it (or spawn in the preferred kibble anr use that)

  38. Is it possible to spawn a dodorex on Xbox one?

    1. Author

      At the moment it istn’t. The dodorex can only be spawned during events (also on pc), which aren’t happening at the moment.

  39. Direbear doesn’t spawn? Also the theoiziasaur thing however you spell it won’t spawn. There’s a few other one’s too

    1. Author

      If you are on xbox, the direbear, manta, dodorex, dragon and megapithecus will not work yet. The therizinosaurus is only available in the devkit. It was added to this list to be prepared for its release, but that hasn’t happened in the past months now.. Maybe I should remove it until it is available :p

      1. Well that sucks! Maybe you should write a little sidebot about the ones that don’t work on xbox one. Thanks for the answer

        1. Author

          Yeah, the problem is I’m not sure whether they work or not as I’m getting mixed reactions. So it might work for you sometimes while it won’t work for others.

  40. So i have tried quite a few and the only ones that i cant seem to get to work are the blueprint commands for the items. i tried it with sarco kibble and quetz kibble. sarco has an item num so it lets me use that but the quetz (which is what i was wanting) doesnt so i cant use that option, any suggestions, ir anyone else having the same problem?

    1. Author

      The spawn commands for item with and without IDs is a bit different. So you cannot simply change the item id into a blueprint path, as that will not work. Have you tried the blueprint example that is available on the page? Could you try if that works if you copy it exactly?

    1. Author

      Did you follow all the steps and check the points mentioned at the bottom of the post? Those resolve most of the issues already.

  41. Do any of you know how to stop dinosaur from moving on Xbox one

  42. None of the suggestions work is there another solution

  43. Ok the majority of the enagrams don’t work even with the suggestions is there still a solution

  44. I can’t seem to figure out how to enter the commands I try and nothing happens ??? I’m on single player I tried to do god straight away but nothing happened nothing showed up saying it went through nothing can someone please please make an updated video about this so I can see how it’s done

  45. You don’t need admin logging enabled, it just enables the box that tells you which commands have been put in. It actually becomes an eyesore after a while because the autohide breaks and there’s this big yellow box blocking part of the screen.

  46. My forced tamed birds won’t move what 2 do

    1. It’s possible they’re encumbered. Try dismounting and setting then to follow or dropping some stuff. If that doesn’t work, they may be stuck. In which case, set then to follow, go a distance and jump or punch.

      1. I found out already I’m so stupid lol

  47. Hey there. I can’t seem to get SetTargetDinoColor to work. I’ve tried being mounted, using the spyglass and magnifying glass, and standing on top of the dino, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Is it possible this command doesn’t work on Xbox?

  48. I have an issue with Xbox live I’ll tell it I can update and download games and play online but I can’t use YouTube

  49. I host a dedicated server and have admin logs enabled is there any way for me to use admin cheats on a dedicated server and if so how do I enter them?

  50. If i was to spawn a rex would it be aggressive or is there a way to spawn a tamed dino?

    1. Author

      It will be aggressive, as everything you spawn in is wild. You can use ‘cheat god’ if you’re afraid of being killed

  51. I’m trying to destroy all structures but I’m having no luck on the Xbox 1

  52. Help! I can no longer input text into the text box for admin commands on Xbox One. I have used the controller that comes with the Xbox, Smart-glass, even used a PC keyboard! They all type but after pushing enter the characters never appear in the text box. I am connected to Xbox Live. I have updated. I have Hard Reset the console. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the game! What is wrong?

  53. When I push pause then go the the box the key pad with letters don’t pop up

  54. So I can type a command in the admin command bar, but I cannot ‘send it’ for lack of better term. I’m in a private server in a single player server. I have stats messed with, but I don’t see how that could affect it. Unless there is a setting that enables cheats?

  55. How do you get on to the code page

  56. How do i connect the app to the xbox?

    1. Author

      The app itself cannot connect to the xbox, however you can copy the commands from within the app to your clipboard. Then you can use for example xbox smartglass to connect to the xbox and paste the commands there 🙂

  57. I am playing ark on Xbox one,I’m connected to Xbox live.when I go to admin command and click to type it doesn’t bring up the letters to type anything.can someone help and if so could you explain it in baby steps as I don’t know how to play this thing and I’m opting this for my son

  58. I am looking for a way to get the player ID numbers on Xbox one , I know 0 always refers to yourself , but I cannot find any other players ID . I have tried to use different commands that should reveal their ID when you look at them , but nothing works , if you have any way to find that please let me know.

    1. Nevermind! You simply have to enter the command ShowMyAdminManager WITHOUT admincheat or cheat in front of it.

  59. So I haven’t tried it yet but I was just wondering… if I want to use admin commands on my single player, do I still need another Xbox to host it as a server or can I just play single player on my Xbox and still use the commands without the second Xbox hosting? …if that makes any sense? Haha


  61. Wait do I need Teh Blu preents 4 TEH febreeceted stooff

  62. I don’t think you do I’m not sure

  63. is it possible to summon the Dragon on xbox one singleplayer?

    1. Author

      Not yet, as the patch with the dragon arena is not available on xbox at the moment

    1. Author

      You cannot rotate objects. You can flip some though, for all other “rotations” you will have to walk your character around until it snaps the way you want it

  64. Is there a way to disable the flight cheat? Earlier I was playing and I got stuck on a Dino I wanted to tame and I didn’t wanna kill it so I enabled the flight cheat but now I don’t know how to disable it and I can eat or drink because I’m always in the air so I start dying… plz help

    1. Author

      Type “walk” instead of “fly”. Make sure you are close to the ground though 😉

  65. If I add someone as an admin, will that get rid of the tether?

  66. I feel like an idiot, but I had been playing with the admin commands a while ago, just logged back in and obviously the cheats have a memory, I cannot attack dinosaurs and damage them whether it be with my player or a tamed Dino. . Is there a way to force all cheats off/reset?

    1. Author

      It sounds like you’ve adjusted some of the sliders when you started playing again, as cheats do not survive a server / single player restart (even when you had godmode on, you’ll need to enable it again). So please check the sliders, and especially dino damage resistance, to make sure they aren’t set to 0

      1. Thanks! Sadly that was the only Stat that had been modified. -.-

  67. Has anyone been able to find out the codes to spawn elevator tracks and elevator platforms yet for xbox one yet ..?

    1. Author

      They are in the list with blueprint paths. The elevator is even the example at the top of that table

  68. My xbox key board won’t appear when I click on the admin command bar I also can’t rename my character for this reason or rename my Dino’s because of this reason nor can I type in a online server because of this reason I was hoping to god u guys would fix this issue in update v737.0 released on June 15 but no u didn’t. stop adding new stuff and fix these damn problems I don’t even want to play your game anymore because I’m tired of spending hours collecting resources and only getting a couple of foundations or something out of it

    Love, me

    1. Author

      From the reports I’ve gotten about the controller issue, it seems that it can be due to a headset or anything else that’s plugged in. So please try removing any additional items that are connected to the xbox, restart it and see if the controller works 🙂 in case you still have issues, try as that is the official support page and I’m not a developer for Wildcard.

  69. Im now having an issue where after the new update for xbox that inculded the dragon the game crashes when i go to start my dedicated server please help me

  70. I can’t spawn in item 74 I tried every thing

  71. How can i use the survive ark companion to copy the codes over (please be descriptive)

    1. Author

      For copying the commands you will also need to have the Xbox app (formerly xbox smartglass) on your phone. When the xbox app is connected to your xbox and you are playing ark, you should be able to press on an input field and have it show up on your phone (so you can paste the command you copied earlier). There should be a “controller mode” in the app that you might need to turn on for this to work properly. Also make sure the app is running before you select the commands input field in the game, otherwise it might not show up on your phone.

  72. I play Xbox One Ark: Survival Evolved. I always play Single Player because I don’t particularly like playing with other people. Anyways, any command I put in works except for items that don’t have a full command. Like this one for example, does not work: “cheat giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Wooden/PrimalItemStructure_TreePlatform_Wood.PrimalItemStructure_TreePlatform_Wood'” 1 0 0″
    Any items that do NOT have a full command don’t work for me. Am I spelling something wrong every time… or is it broken?

  73. Can you fly faster instead of supper slow

  74. What about forcetame have done so and cannot access inventory on Dino’s.

  75. Is there any way to increase the amount of structures that can be built on a raft? (Xbox, Non dedicated multiplayer server)

  76. I can’t do commands. When I type the command I want, or anything at all, it doesn’t show up in the text box when I press the enter. I’m playing in single player mode.

  77. where can you get fuel for the flamethrower cant make it or find or make it theres no ammo for it as you cant use just plain gasoline it wont accept it as its fuel dont work need help

  78. I can get the greenhouse ceiling to spawn just erases code when i push enter. I can get almost all other items

    1. Author

      On Xbox one there is a filter on text input to stop certain words (like swearing), but also some normal combinations are blocked. If you cannot get that to spawn correctly, then the filter probably blocks part of the command. You can try the longer spawn command and see if that works: adminCheat giveItem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Greenhouse/PrimalItemStructure_GreenhouseCeiling.PrimalItemStructure_GreenhouseCeiling'" 1 0 0

  79. I hope you still reply to comments because i cant seem to spawn items using the long method. (Typing GiveItem and typing the path)

    This wouldnt be that big of a problem if all items had numbers but i want to build using adobe things. :/

    1. Author

      Everything in the list should work as long as you type it correctly (missing a ‘ for example will break it). If you are on xbox it might be useful to get the survive ark companion app and use that in combination with the xbox app to easily copy over commands between the app and ark. That way you cannot make a mistake in the commands

      1. Hi, i learned it was my fault a bit because the things i tried spawning werent in the console version (skins) but everything that is worked fine.

        Also, i was wondering if you knew a way to enable the harvest animation (where the rocks/trees crumble upon finishing the harvest) on the xbox version using commands. You can alter gamma, ground clutter, bloom, amd a ton of other options using commands and can even change dino colors, so maybe we can figure out a way to enable the crumbling effect that is on the pc version.

  80. I can’t type anything in the commands section. Neither in settings.

    1. What do you mean? If you mean you cant find the box to type in, You have to be in singleplayer or in your own private online session. That, or the server host needs to make you an admin.

      If its not letting you type in there after you press A on the box, then im not sure what the problem is. I hooked up a keyboard through my xbox’s usb ports and use that to type long commands so maybe that can help

  81. i put in the code thing but what do i do next? (xbox one)

  82. Having an issue using the code for the giga it doesnt work

  83. Admin cheats aren’t working. When I go to type in a cheat, like dotame, it doesn’t do anything. After I hit enter, the box goes blank. I’ve restarted my xbox, restarted the game, and nothing has worked. Please help!

  84. I type my command in correctly and it never appears in the command box and I also added admincheat and nothing. I’m just plying single player and wanna screw with the commands cause I ha e no wifi please help.

  85. I’ve been trying to tame a dung beetle. I’m on single player, with some modified stats but the ‘press y to feed’ button never appears. I decided to cheat and use force tame but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried admincheat and cheat before. It’s a ‘wild dung beetle’ and there are 4 near each other. Nothing works on any of them. Plz help! Thanks!

    1. you may be trying to tame the ones that can’t be tamed even when using admin commands

  86. the blueprint path to spawn in a specific level quetzal, pteranodon, fire wyvern, and a tapajara are not working can someone explain why that is?

  87. Anyone know why I can’t force tame more than 8 Dino’s on Xbox one?

  88. Hey guys I know this is late in the game but I have been having troubles trying to use the admin command bar for my Xbox one. I have I putted the code. The admin codes have been turned on before starting the game. I put in the code but when I go to press enter the code doesn’t go through. I press enter to see if it will accept it and it’s like the enter bar doesn’t work at all. Or the admin command bar isn’t responding can anyone help?

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