PSA: SA Companion and new permanent double rates

PSA: SA Companion and new permanent double rates

The last few weekends we could enjoy double experience rates on all official servers. A while back, this resulted in the announcement that double taming, harvesting and experience rates will be permanent on all official servers. Starting from the “next major patch”, which we assume is v253, these double rates will become the new base rates. This means that if you were playing on a server with custom rates, or single player, you will end up with double the rates after the patch.

To give an example: let’s say you used to play on a server with 6x taming. When the patch is released that changes the base rates to 2x, you’ll effectively end up with 12x taming if you don’t adjust the taming multiplier. In case of official servers, it means that you are currently playing on 2x rates but this will be “1x” after the patch, as that is the new base value.

SA Companion and double rates

If you are using the Survive ARK Companion app, which you should ;), you can manually change your multipliers to reflect these changes by going to the Settings in the app. Currently this means that you need to only adjust your taming multiplier to 2, as the official servers are now at 2x rates. No other multipliers need to be adjusted!

The next version of the Survive ARK Companion app (v2.1.0), which will be released after the “next major patch” in which the base rates are changed, will also be adjusted to these new 2x rates. This means that after the update of the app, which will be made clear by an in-app message, the taming multiplier will be set back to 1 and will use the new 2x rate behind the scenes. When playing on an official server, you won’t have to do anything after the update and can keep using the app right away. However, if you are on a server with custom rates, you need to adjust them with the base taming multiplier of 2x in mind (so if you were playing on 6x taming speed, it will now become 3x).


If you are on an official server: change the taming multiplier to 2x before the v2.1.0 app update (if you haven’t done so yet). After the update you don’t have to do anything, as the app will now default to these 2x rates.

If you are on a server with custom rates: keep the rates as they are now before the v2.1.0 app update. After the update, you’ll need to adjust the taming multiplier (once) to reflect the new base rates. This means that if you were playing on a 6x taming server, you should set them to 3x after the update (as 2×3 is 6).

What to do if you see incorrect calculations?

If you see that the taming calculations are too high (more food is indicated than you need), try multiplying your current taming multiplier by 2. Possibly the custom server you are playing on did not properly decrease (halve) its multipliers yet, which means you’re actually playing on higher rates right now than advertised.

If you see that the calculations are too low (less food is indicated than you need), try dividing your current taming multiplier by 2. The patch might not work flawlessly on all platforms yet (as it could be that Xbox one and PS4 players don’t have the increase in base rates yet), which means that you still play with the old rates. Therefore halving the taming multiplier in the app should fix it for you.

If you run into any issues with the new rates and calculations being incorrect, please try the two solutions listed above. If it is still giving you problems after that, leave a reply so we can be of further assistance!

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