Patch Notes Xbox – v730


  1. where is this update? We are on the 13th and nothing …. I was looking forward to the update

    1. Same here, its Friday now so….come on wildcard PLZ.

  2. 15th and still no update any ideas. Only waiting for cave fix been stuck there 4 days can’t move or I crash really don’t want to restart besides a few problems I absolutely love this game been playing since release and played nothing else and the same for my friends too

    1. Author

      Technically it is still the week of January 10, so hang on ;p We don’t know the exact date of the patch, as Wildcard does not give us a concrete date. Another issues that is involved, is that Microsoft needs to approve everything before it will become available on Xbox, which brings some more refinements with it. We’ll keep you updated if we get any new information.

      1. You’d think we’d at least be getting some kind of status update, or estimated time of release. My understanding is that they have a bit of a history of late patches in the past, which is why they switched to the “week of” format to avoid being accused of always patching late…

        1. Author

          On PC it’s a bit easier to give a good estimation of the patch release, as they can push the changes and Steam will push the update through to all users. On Xbox this first has to go through a process involving Microsoft to check whether the patch is safe, won’t let the game crash, and another couple of things. This process can take a while and it is therefore hard to give an indication for a specific day, hence the reason they choose to stick to the “Week of”. Hopefully they will release some additional information today whether they will still get the patch out this week or not.

          1. When’s this update coming out, waiting on the new servers!

          2. Author

            Week of January 10 is the only thing we know. As soon as more info is available, we will bring it to you!

  3. This site is insanely useful and well built, I LOVE IT!

  4. Man i really want the Allosaurus…. lorsh.

  5. Hey guys thought I pop back and say they have said the patch will be released approximately 4:30pm EST check main menu of ark for confirmation.
    thanks for the patch notes and a reply too 🙂

      1. I hope so only need one artifact and tame the bat and spider then done I know a few others that will be happy to get out of caves too 🙂 thanks again and enjoy your weekend

        1. how do we get the update? does it do it automatically?

          1. Author

            It seems you have to restart your console first, then you’ll be able to download the update

  6. It’s 5:19 and I didn’t see update is it invisible or what I’m confused?

    1. Author

      The update should be out just now. You might have to restart your console for the update to show up though.

  7. Is the Barrier staying in the xbox version?Me and my friends play a lot and it’s hard to get things done with it.

    1. Author

      If you mean the “co-op” barrier then yes, it is staying for a while (not indefinitely if I’m correct). There will be a split screen option coming to Xbox, which will probably removes this barrier, but we don’t know when this will be implemented.

  8. Which server are new all 300+ I join ppl say are old

    1. Author

      Try to find any above 399. It can also take a little while before the servers are fully started and can be found in the list.

  9. When the update finishes will we lose our builds or will it not effect them ?

    1. Author

      If you mean with builds your buildings; those should not be affected as there are no landscape changes (such as a new biome) in this patch.
      If you mean builds with regards to your tamed dinosaurs, then probably yes as there are some big rebalance changes in this patch.

  10. Will the damage and health of my tammed animals go back up to what i had them at as this new update has reset them all to what they were when i first tammed my dinosaurs.

    1. Author

      That’s the balance the PC users also endured. They will probably change it a little in the future, but they will not be reverted back to original as they were too overpowered in comparison with wild dinos. Harvesting rates should also be upgraded to reduce the problems the low amount of damage would give.

  11. Hi guys just need an answer please I play on a na server I’m from the UK and it’s unavailable from what I can gather it’s says currently updating to v730.1 pc official servers are updated and avaliable in under 10 mins is it a case of just waiting for my server to become available being it is a console version of the game the server I play on is NA-xboxofficialserver67 a reply would be much appreciated thank.

      1. Thank you for your quick response much appreciated keep up the good work 🙂

  12. so my xbox one version of the game is currently in updating mode, im at 532% is this normal as im starting to wonder when it will end!? did other peoples games update this far and if so what is the final update % on the console.

    1. Author

      Haven’t heard about that one yet. Keep an eye on it for a while, maybe you are just missing a dot for 53.2 ;p otherwise you can try the forums that I posted in a previous comment

      1. getting a bit impatient not sure whats going on with my update at all, currently 642% and escalating… crazy!…
        No i wish i meant 53.2 but its definitely in the 100+ mark

  13. How long will it take for the new servers to appear? My game updated but no servers above 399

  14. I downloaded the update and now it is saying the BuildID does not match. I cannot get into any MP games. Please advise?

  15. Not seeing any new servers either

  16. Man the new server browser is so fast, big improvement. Unfortunately thats all I know as the new servers are still MIA and my server(and every other) are filled to capacity. Meanwhile, my unconscious body lay on a very populated beach with my first pistol, freshly crafted, just waiting to be picked up. Raptor, be intimidating.

  17. No new servers yet. Still 400. They will prolly add them after the original 400 are up to date.

  18. Why the Dino rebalance just spent forever taming a Rex only to have it nerfed…

    1. I’m not able to find one either

      1. Author

        They are pretty hard to find, also on PC. Furthermore it can also take a little while before the spawn rate of the new creature is fully established, as it is based on the amount of other creatures on the island (as there is a maximum amount of spawns per time, so you would need to kill other creatures for the procoptodon to get a chance to spawn)

  19. Ark, you have a brilliant game, but in a way that is your down fall.
    I don’t think your company or team knows how to handle it or what to do with itself, and this is being on an xbox one.
    You are currently updating your game, putting more bells and whistles on it making it more appealing but the problem is it’s already appealing.

    It’s great to see that you want to make it look better but –You are ruining your own game on the xbox–
    Add that later.
    You currently have 500 servers split between pve/pvp that hold 70 people. I saw an article that you had over 1mil downloads. Do you believe you have a good game here?
    Do you believe that out of those 1mil downloads at least, at the VERY least 50,000 people have bought it? And that’s low balling it.

    If you believe these how come you only allow, with the (100+ new server update) 35000 players on it at once?
    You need to increase the cap or just spit out servers.
    Now the argument isn’t that it’s to expensive or it takes alot of time to make the servers because to be honest, that isn’t our problem that is yours, because, once your game is dead it’ll stay dead.
    And on Xbox player made servers arent as easy like on the pc. Due to having to buy a brand new console and no 3rd party hosts.

    I am in no way bashing the game, but I am trying to tell you, hurry up because all those servers were full because people heard new servers and they remain full today.
    People want to play your game, but if you don’t allow them to, then it’ll die.
    And you’ll have the reputation of being a company that didn’t know how to handle your success.

    Bells and whistles later, just get the people on first.
    I hope you guys take the time to read this.

  20. Can’t find the new dino I’ll looked for hours is there a bug?

    1. Author

      They are pretty hard to find, also on PC. Furthermore it can also take a little while before the spawn rate of the new creature is fully established, as it is based on the amount of other creatures on the island (as there is a maximum amount of spawns per time, so you would need to kill other creatures for the procoptodon to get a chance to spawn)

  21. i’ve been trying for two days to join a server. how do you only allow 35,000 people on when over 1,000,000 people downloaded it . this game has so much potential but the Devs wont let us play it. Game will be dead soon with such little support for their players. They wont even let us play!

  22. Game is still virtually unplayable on weekends or after work hours. I spent over two hours trying to log in, only because I just tamed my first pteranadon and was getting ready to saddle it before my game crashed. Good thing I leveled up my stamina.


  23. When me and and my friends joined a player dedicated server the health and melee damage were reset on our dinos

  24. One of my dinos dissappear. It was my bird AmberFeather…. I really miss him. He didn’t die he just went poof and he is gone. What should I do I really loved my bird. Please let me know if you can help me get him back.

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