ARK: Fear Evolved Preview

ARK: Fear Evolved Preview


A while ago the ARK: Fear Evolved event was announced. This event will take place towards the end of October and includes some cool features, such as:

  • The Dodorex will make its (temporary) appearance,
  • Bats and boas will be tameable,
  • Nights will become longer and days will be shorter,
  • Moon will turn red,
  • Zombie dodos,
  • Special edition treats and more!

Currently we’ve found some items in the ARK Development Kit that have to do with the upcoming event, check them out below:

A little pumpkin
Pumpkin plant. For growing our own pumpkins maybe?
A trike skeleton. Maybe it will be a skin to keep after the event?
Even more skeletons: Trike, Stego and Raptor
Skeletons and pumpkins

When more event related items are found in the development kit, or more info is released on the event, this post will be updated. If you want to see more of the existing skeletons or pumpkin plants, let us know and we will add some more images.

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